”Thank you Ma’m” by Langston Hughes Sample Essay

‘Thank you Ma’m’ is a short narrative written by a male Afro-american author. Langston Hughes. around 1930’s where the racism was a large issue in the U. S. society. The narrative negotiations about an unexpected meeting between Mrs.

Luella Jones Bates Washington Jones. a tough and independent black lady. and Roger. a small hapless child who tries to snap Mrs. Jones bag.

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However. he fails and gets caught by Mrs. Jones. but alternatively of dragging him to a constabulary. she takes him to her place. takes good attention of him and kindly gives him some money and a life lesson before allowing him travel.

Besides the narrative is really well-known and admired by tonss of people around the universe because of its meaningful subjects and some moral lessons. this short narrative is besides valuable since it would be a great piece of work to be analyzed in footings of literary unfavorable judgment. Harmonizing to the narrative.

the most typical and outstanding literary theories reflecting from the narrative are feminist and psychoanalytic unfavorable judgment.In this narrative. the construct of feminism is chiefly depicted via a chief female character. Mrs.

Jones. However. there are two features of feminism reflecting from her. The first 1 is the modern feminism or the deconstructed feminism which focal point on the power of adult females. Mrs. Jones introduces the new function of adult females which is adult females do non necessitate to be weak all the clip or under controlled by work forces. Harmonizing to the narrative. Mrs.

Jones is individual and she has her ain occupation. She is far from the power of any work forces since she is the 1 who takes attention of herself. She can remain entirely without any protection from a hubby and she can do money by herself.The readers can happen this point in the portion that says “…Instead.

as they ate. she told him about her occupation in a hotel beauty store that stayed unfastened tardily. what the work was like. and how all sort of adult females came in and out.

blondes. red-heads. and Spanish…” Besides. she is a existent combatant which seems to be evidently different from any other adult females. When she is attacked by a street child who tries to steal her bag. she instantly battles back when she acquire a opportunity. She does non shout with jitteriness and delaies for aid for a adult male who might go through by like other adult females would make. Alternatively.

she chooses to protect herself. The reader will happen this at the about of the get downing portion that says “…the male child fell on his dorsum on the pavement. and his legs flew up. The big adult female merely turned about and kicked him right square in his blue- jeaned sitter…”However. no affair how tough and strong Mrs.

Jones is. she still maintains a feature of traditional feminism which is a traditional function of adult females that they are merely retainers and moral protagonists. From the narrative. after she takes Roger with her to her place. she treat him really good by giving him a clean towel for him to watch his face. fixing a repast for him to eat even though Roger is a alien who tries to snap her bag in the first clip they met. Besides. Mrs.

Jones besides doses an of import occupation of adult females as a moral protagonist by sharing her ain experience with Roger in order to give him an indirect moral lesson. The author shows it in the portion that says “… “I were immature one time and I wanted things I could non acquire. ”… “Um-hum! You thought I was traveling to state but. didn’t you? You thought I was traveling to state.

but I didn’t snatch people’s pocketbooks. Well. I wasn’t traveling to state that.

”… “I have done things. excessively. which I would non state you. son—neither Tell God. if he didn’t already know…”… ”The other theory of literary unfavorable judgment which can be applied in this narrative is depth psychology.

A important facet of this theory negotiations about some struggles or jobs that are deep down indoors human beings’ heads or something which are desired by humans’ subconscious. Harmonizing to the narrative. one time when Mrs. Jones was immature. she has done something bad in order to acquire what she wanted. So. when she becomes elder and by chance meets Roger.

a scraggy black male child. who tries to snap her bag and she found out subsequently that he did it because he wanted money to purchase a brace of places he could non afford. it seems to her that she is watching a circle of life. Roger is non person else but herself when she was a child ; a child who has a tough childhood ; a hapless child who merely wants something but ne’er been taught what is right or incorrect.

Now. she sees a opportunity to repair the job in her head ; a opportunity to work out the guilt that has ever haunted her. so she gives Roger a opportunity by forgiving him which mean the guilt in her bosom eventually gets fixed excessively.Although ‘Thank you Ma’m’ is merely a three-pages-long short narrative. it gives reader tonss of beautiful things and valuable lessons such as forgiving.

giving other people a opportunity or a meet that could alter you everlastingly including the subject ‘black is beautiful’ . Therefore. in my sentiment. this is one of the chef-d’oeuvres of Langston Hughes that everyone should non lose.


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