Thanks for sharing good points

Thanks for sharing good points. I would like to add some more points for your discussion. Negotiation is successful only if all the steps are maintained properly in the negotiation planning process. The first step in this would be initiation stage. This mainly focuses on the parties participating in the negotiation with respect to the ideas, conflicts etc. All the parties must have minimum knowledge for the negotiation and also having a good BATNA will be an added value. The next stage is problem solving, Here the parties should collect the required information. This is also known as bargaining stage. For example, if all the parties ends up without a single point conclusion then there will be lose and the result will be worst which is not a proper negotiation. When we reach to a point where all the parties agree, then the result achieved will be in profits for all the parties. Thus having proper information leads to a correct process of negotiation which in turn a good problem solver. The final phase of negotiation is the resolution. This will be completed when all the parties agree and reach to a single point conclusion and that would be implemented accordingly. Therefore all the parties in the negotiation process will expect the final results and are on the same point of conclusion. At the end of this process, all the final required agreements and the stages of the negotiation should be signed so that they can be tracked easily when needed.


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