That all being said

That all being said, I can conclude that in my opinion the main difference between the way the grounded theory and more positivist approaches use existing theories is that the latter suggest studying literature before beginning the research, while the former assumes that the researcher comes back to the literature constantly, staying “tuned” and in connection with what has already been done in the field. Difference to worth mention is that it is common that the researcher is expected to create a list of propositions extracted from the literature. Yin (1984) supports the approach of not having any propositions for the studies where the topic is the subject of exploration, where according to Strauss and Corbin, the grounded theory is a useful methodological tool.
It allows to study relatively narrow- as an interaction between two cultures in the business context seems rather narrow compared to study of a large number of national cultures-in-depth. Moreover, as an applied academic research study has its natural limitations, I believe that within its frame, the in-depth qualitative study on the subject in question provides deeper insight and higher results than a quantitative study on a large sample.
In this thesis, I used the literature


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