The 27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution Essay

Today, the Filipino nation observes the 27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution. To quote Proclamation No.

459 issued on August 16, 2012, “the EDSA People Power Revolution, which restored and ushered political, social, and economic reforms in the country, serves as an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere as a nation and as a people. ” Coordinating with private sector groups in observing the Anniversary is the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC).With the theme, “Pilipinas Natin, Abot Tanaw Na! ” the nation will once again look back at the four-day historic event of 1986. To mark the event, various activities have been lined up, including a Eucharistic celebration, flag-raising ceremony, and Salubungan. Holy Mass will be hosted by the Philippine Consulate General in cooperation with the Overseas Filipinos for Good Governance at St.

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Kevin Church in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.On February 24, 2013, the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network-National Capitol Region (NCR) held “Run for Juan, Run for Good Governance” which was powered by The Greentennial Run. The EDSA People Power Revolution took place February 22-25, 1986, when nearly two million disillusioned Filipinos, mainly from the urban areas of Metro Manila, staged a peaceful revolt on the streets that led to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, a major road of the metropolis. EDSA became the center stage of crucial events that took place within the four-day revolution.Many Filipinos consider the holiday as historic and important because the revolution changed and reformed the political system in the Philippines. We congratulate the entire Filipino nation and EDSA People Power Commission its officers and members, led by their Chairman Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr.

, and Vice Chairman Jose T. Pardo, on the occasion of the 27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Revolution. We wish them all the best and success in all their endeavors. MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO!


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