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In this growing age of technology, we can’t deny that the youth are now familiar with the Internet. Most of the “generation Y” today frequently log in to their accounts in social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and even Twitter. They are also fond of watching videos, playing online games, and listening and downloading music. However, such people are unaware of what they do in their computers. They use the Internet in wrong means. Some use it to bully students, posting them there. While some jump into obscene sites, watch forms of pornography, and get pictures of lust and disgust.

With these things that are well-known to most of us, there are more things that the Net has which give such bad effects on people. In this study, the researchers are curious about the good and bad effects of the Net to the youth. Meaning to say, the advantages and disadvantages of the World Wide Web. Furthermore, they want to find out more on what positive and negative benefits and influences the Net has. The researchers studied on their fellow second year students of the school year 2011-2012 on the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet to them, in their schedule, values and their lives.

They do believe that their study would help the youth’s parents in looking after their children in monitoring what they do on the web. It would also benefit people in the computer industry, including owners of Internet cafes. As well, it would help the youth themselves, for them to think before they click. Statement of the Problem This study was conducted to investigate all the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in the school Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School (SRSTHS) during the school year 2011-2012 as perceived by the Second Year Students. Specifically, the study attempts to answer the following questions:How will this affect the study habits of the students? 2. How adequate do students us the Internet? 3. What solutions can be used to solve the problem? 4.

How do these activities affect their: 5. 1 Behaviour 5. 2 Time management 5.

3 Studies 5. What are the top activities of the students in the Internet? Conceptual Framework Dependent Variable Dependent Variable Intervening Variable Intervening Variable Independent Variable| Low academic performance, Low time management Low academic performance, Low time management Internet, Frequency of the use of the InternetInternet, Frequency of the use of the Internet Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Hypotheses Figure 1: Paradigm of the study This study will prove the null hypothesis. There is no student who does not use the Internet. In this study, the researchers think that students do not use the Internet properly, affecting the study habits and behaviour of students. Significance of the Study The result of this study would help the students to know what would be the effects of using of the internet too much, and to prevent the abuse of the internet.

Also, the study would help parents in monitoring their children and controlling what they see on the internet. The following will also benefit from this study: 1. Students- This study would help students in preventing the abuse of internet use.

2. Parents- This study would help parents in guiding their children what should be prevented. 3. Teachers- This study would help teachers in guiding their students. 4. Future researchers- This study would help future researchers by having the information as reference for their researches. Scope and Limitations of the StudyThe coverage of this study is the solution for the prevention of the abuse of the Internet on the academic performance of the selected students in Second Year of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School. In this study, we will know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.

This study will focus mainly on the academic performance of the students with or without the Internet. This study is limited to selected Second Year students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School only. The study does not cover the other aspects of the Internet. Definition of Key TermsAcademic performance- The degree or rate of a student’s performance in school in maintaining a grade of 83 or 85 Education- The bringing up or training, as a child; the development; instruction as given in schools or universities. Internet- Also known as World Wide Web (WWW). Student- One who studies to attain knowledge and skills; one who is enrolled in a school, college, etc.

Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Foreign Literature According to Miller (2010), internet is the most technological advancement which is very useful, informative to the people of this world.Everything becomes quick and fast through the internet and gets things done at a faster pace. This article is related to our study since our study is about the disadvantages and advantages of internet to second year high school students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School. Since we are discussing the advantages of internet, according to Miller (2010) that the most important advantage of internet is communication. Communication can be fast like a lightning. You can call anyone around the world using VoIP technology, receive and send information through E-mail.Transfer money, order online for you and also you can order gifts online for your friends /relatives for the Christmas, New Year, etc. According to the article of Ambekar (2008), it is an advantage of using internet that most of us always do.

But even though internet has advantages, it also has disadvantages. Others use internet not for good purposes. Instead, they use it for bad things and the statement of Ashwini Ambekar, that internet has the focus of students than studying. Others get a hard time in studying especially when their playmates inform them that they will have a game.Of course, they can’t control their selves, they will also join in playing internet games and neglect doing their assignments or reviewing their advance lesson or their quiz to be taken tomorrow. Furthermore, he said in another article that the internet is particularly attractive for a child since it has so much to offer in terms of entertainment. However, pornography is a serious threat in today’s world and this can cause a lot of problems in terms of emotional and mental well-being of the child.

There are practically millions of pornographic sites and without supervision a child can easily fall into the trap of accessing such sites.Even though a number of informative sites are available there is also a darker side to the internet with the availability of a large number of other problematic sites that can cause serious effects on a child during these impressionable ages. It stated there that internet is sometimes used by other because of pornography. So if a child doesn’t know yet about those things, he/she must be guided by an older person who knew about those things.

Alshwati (2009) states that internet helps us in completing our assignments and researches.As students, we also need judgment of what we read, hear and see, in the same way as we have to judge the quality of information from the internet. That is why we must take a proper accent of the internet can improve the quality of teaching.

It can also help us store some important information that we, students need. According to the Almanac (2010) the internet is one of the most effective way of communication. It is one of the most important feature of the internet. One way of communicating using the internet is by using the electronic mail(e-mail). It is the most widely used form of communication in the world.

Using the e-mail is very simple, easy and fast. Anyone and everyone could do it just by logging in their account, writing a message and sending it to their loved ones just by one click. The internet can also be a form of advertisement for internet related companies. Although convinient, using the email has its own flaws.

Hackers use the email to get information or send harmful viruses to your computer. In using the e-mail it loses the personal touch of the letter compared to normal hand written letters. The e-mail has also rules and regulations called the netiquette (internet etiquette). According to en.

ikipedia. com the netiquette is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks. The netiquette is the policy that users need to follow to avoid fighting using the internet.

The main rule of the netiquette is to respect other users. When you’re holding a conversation online, whether it’s an email exchange or a response to a discussion group posting, it’s easy to misinterpret your correspondent’s meaning. When you communicate through cyberspace, via email or on discussion groups, your words are written. And chances are they’re stored somewhere where you have no control over them.In other words, there’s a good chance they can come back to haunt you. The internet has many advantages in communication.

It makes communication easy and convenient. It can also help you connect with relatives and friends from other countries. So use the internet properly and obey the netiquette. Local Literature Esposo (2011) wrote in an article that “it is not just here but worldwide when it is now noted that young people are a developing a counterproductive addiction to the new media (which includes the internet) where they get immune in all the wrong things they less need in life. Instead of improving their knowledge, they are most likely to use the internet often for social networking, entertainment, and they get addicted to it every now and then. Foreign Studies According to www. wikipedia. com (1997), internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol (IP) to serve billions of users worldwide.

It can also be defined as a worldwide interconnection of computers and of information among users.This article is related to our topic about the advantages and disadvantages off the internet, in a way that we must first understand how the internet works enabling us to cite the possible advantages and disadvantages of the internet especially to high school students. Pakhare’s (2010) research study indicates some disadvantages of the internet. The most common are cyber-bullying, theft of personal information, spamming, virus threat and pornography.

The said article is related to our topic because the author cited some examples of the disadvantages of the internet.To enlighten people to some of the meanings of the said words, cyber-bullying is the use of the internet and related technologies to harm other people in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner. Spamming is sending unwanted electronic-mail in bulk that slows down the downloading of the mail. Pornography is the biggest threat to a student’s mental life. There are thousands of pornographic sites that can be easily found and can be detrimental factor to letting the children use the internet. Furthermore, he said that the internet has excelled beyond the expectations.

Still, innovations are going on to make it faster and more reliable.But this good news also creates bad news. Local Studies Casiraya (2008) said that a recent global study ranks the Philippines among countries with the highest percentage of Internet users using social networks. This article shows that internet can surely affect the studies of a student’s life. The study estimates 83 percent of Internet users in the Philippines have created social network profiles, having the highest percentage ahead of Hungary (80 percent), Poland (77 percent) and Mexico (76 percent). Half of these percentages may have something to do with students. Students can easily join or make accounts by repeating what the others do.Social Networks can easily attract students especially if the social network is the latest social networking site.

This networking site can be a student’s focus and there is a possibility that a student might forget his studying priorities. In today’s situation, many students fail just because of staying on Facebook instead of staying facing their books. Batuigas (2009) said that recently most Filipinos were not focusing in their studies just because of using social networks. Furthermore, she also stated that people encounter problems or accidents because of social networking sites.Some were kidnapped at their house because of giving their address to unknown person and for being friendly; the person may take advantage to them. I can say that in these statements, it really tells us that internet has something to do with students. Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and etc. can easily attract students especially if it’s the latest.

Others use Twitter to follow their favorite actors/actresses. While in Facebok, some just confirm request or add the person if he’s handsome or if she’s beautiful. Some just want to add persons to get the highest number of friends.I can say that this article really says something to us especially for the students who usually face the computer for networking sites rather than facing their books for studying. They neglect their studying priorities for using Facebook just to chat with their friends. Students must really give priorities to their studies because they are the future professionals. If we let something bad happen, like stopping in studies because of some subjects that we fail, we may not recover in it because we may be frustrated for not reaching college.

The today’s generation must study hard to improve our illiteracy rate and for our country’s economy.


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