The aim of my course paper is to investigate the translation of irony used in various styles

The aim of my course paper is to investigate the translation of irony used in various styles. I want to say about irony. This-well known term going back to the Greek word eironeia denotes a trope based on direct opposition of the meaning to the sense. The semantic of irony consists in replacing a denomination by its opposite. Irony is a transfer, a renaming based upon the direct contrast of two notions: the notion named and the notion meant. There are at least two kinds of irony. The first represents utterances that can have only an ironical. This kind of irony is called by some authors antiphrastic the secon
d variety we can refer the overwhelming majority of utterances which can be understood either literally, or ironically, especially when we deal with written texts.

Analyzing the use of the term irony in stylistics, we conclude that irony is generally understood and treated as a very broad notion. It has been said above that, as a trope it necessarily implies opposition of the sense to the meaning, a renaming by contrast. Thus good used ironically implies its antonym bad.

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The term irony, then, is often enough applied not to the logical or notional, but merely to stylistic opposition: using high flown elevated linguistic units with reference to insignificant, socially lo topics.

I clearly perceive the following substyles of the five FSs given above. The belles-lettres style has the following substyles:

a) The language style of poetry; b) the language style of emotive prose

c) The language style of drama.

The publictic style comprises the following substyles:

a) The language style of oratory) the language style of essays;

c) The language style of feature articles in newspaper and journals. The newspaper style falls into a)the language style of brief news items communiqu?s; b)the language style of newspaper headings and ;c)the language style of notices and advertisements.

The method of irony is a literary or rhetorical device, in which there is a gap or incongruity between a speaker or a writer says and what is generally understood.

Irony may also a rise from discordance between acts and results, especially if it is striking, and seen by outside audience.

The scientific prose style also has three division: a)the language style of humanitarian sciences; b)the language style of `exact’ sciences; c)the language style of popular scientific prose.

The official document style can be divided into four varieties: a) the language style of diplomatic documents b) the language style of business documents; c) the language style of legal documents d ) the language style of military documentsnslation of irony used in various styles

Socratic irony

Socratic irony is feigning ignorance to expose the weakness of another’s position.

Such irony occurred especially and notably in the assumed ignorance which Socrates adopted as method of dialectic, the “Socratic irony”. Socratic irony involves a profession of ignorance that disguises a skeptical, non-committed attitude towards some dogma or universal opinion that lacks a basis in reason or in logic. Socrates’ “innocent” inquiries expose step by step the vanity or illogicality of the proposition by unsettling the assumption of his dialogue partner by questioning or simply not sharing his basic assumptions. The irony entertains those onlookers who know that Socrates is wiser than he permits himself to appear and who may perceive slightly in advance the direction “na?ve” questioning will take

Television journalist Louis Theroux demonstrated expert use of Socratic irony to his audience, by interviewing.a number of diverce individuals with an air of relaxed na?vet? and appreciative curiosity.

This has led to his subjects becoming less guarded and more open in answering questions than they would have been in a more adversarial dialogue, while more often than not also granting


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