The American Civil War occurred from 1861 to 1865 leading to the deaths of around 600

The American Civil War occurred from 1861 to 1865 leading to the deaths of around 600,000 Americans. Although many Americans lost their lives, the end of the war also ended American slavery. There are many interpretations as to what caused this tragic war. Some may say that this civil war was mainly caused by Fanaticism, but that is simply not true on a nationwide scope. To a huge extent, the American Civil War was caused by political disagreements. One political disagreement was based on the issue of slavery among the States. Another political disagreement that prompted this war was who was going to run the nation as well as how the nation was going to be run. Thirdly, a political disagreement was the way of life for the Northerners and the Southerners.

A political disagreement that helped fuel the Civil War was based on slavery. There were abolitionists in the Northern States that believed slavery was immoral while slave owners in the Southern States believed that their system was beneficial to both parties, master, and slave. Since these were polar opposite, embedded beliefs, this political disagreement on the morality of slavery leads to the divide in the Civil War. In the United States, the Northern States were industrial and they used free labor, meaning each person worked voluntarily and that the workers were paid for their service. On the other hand, the Southern States were agricultural and relied on slave labor in which each worker was property to their master and did not get paid. Because each side had vastly different working economic systems, they felt that the other side was wrong which lead to conflict. Both the North and South wanted the new territories in the West to become part of their economic system. Each believed that if their way of the economy was used in the west, that slavery would either be eradicated or spread. Also, that if the opposing side got what they wanted, they would be the minority and not be in power on a national level. The political disagreement on the topic of slavery indeed shows that this was a huge divider in the country which helped cause the American Civil War.

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