The animal aid website Essay

The animal aid website has many effects and features which it uses to try and persuade the reader to read what it says and convert to vegetarianism. One of these features is the different coloured headings attracting the reader to them; this also links to the actual wording of the first heading – “the heart of the matter” because it attempts to attract the reader to the word “heart” which subconsciously adds the emotions and images associated with hearts . This emotive language is repeated all throughout the text, such as the words “slaughtered”, “pain”,“terrifying” and “violent” again effectively making the reader to feel exactly what the reader wants without them realising, making it a very effective and persuasive piece of text.Another point is that all the pictures in the text are very positive and biased towards their cause. There are a couple of pictures of some appetising plates of “veggie” food which shows the positive side of it. Also, there are 2 pictures of cows looking very innocent (one is even a mother with a calf) so people would feel sympathetic and not want to eat them, furthering the texts points.The main title “veggie month” is good because the word “veggie” is a colloquial word and is therefore very informal so the reader feels that they aren’t being pressured to do anything and the text just wants to inform people about being a vegetarian; even though on the other hand, the text is very biased so it cant really be believed.The structure of paragraphs in this website is good because the first two paragraphs are in bold and are very emotional to try to draw the reader in and feel sympathetic for the “millions and millions” (exaggeration)of animals that die for humans to eat.

Backing this up though, the third and fourth paragraphs are considerably more informative and have a large amount of facts and figures in them. These two groups of paragraphs work well together as the reader may not read all the facts and figures if they were put in straight away but the text pulls the reader in and then gives them the facts. Under the next heading, the writer addresses one of the reasons some people may not want to become a vegetarian-the image of people like hippies who wear “sandals” and only eat “brown rice and lentils”.

This is good as a large amount of vegetarians become vegetarians at a fairly young age -maybe in their teens- and so image is quite important for them. The second to last paragraph starts off by saying its very unbiased and fair by saying “we aren’t here to tell people how to live their lives” which possibly makes the reader think that it isn’t that biased. This balanced tone is then followed by them saying that the “barbaric industries” are killing animals “in your name” which really emphasises them.In conclusion, the animal aid website makes use of a large range of presentation features which, combined with some effective language, provides an effective piece of persuasive writing, although it does show some very clear bias.


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