The article by Jaynarayan Lala and Fred Schneider Essay

            The article by Jaynarayan Lala and Fred Schneider, although short, provides a great account of the strengths and weaknesses of an IT monoculture. It has been established in the article that an IT monoculture exposes a system to a variety of risks.

While there are a number of ways by which individual risks can be reduced, this could sometimes mean greater vulnerability to a different type of risk.            The article is covered by the concept that one who guards specifically against a specific threat becomes more vulnerable to another threat. Thus, Information Technology specialists must learn to adapt their security to be able to defend against threats of all sorts. This was done by introducing a diverse IT system which is still undergoing research. Such a technique can only be employed after sufficient research has been done to prove that the technology will become usable in real –life situations and to ascertain that it is no more vulnerable to security threats much like previous systems.            Much like any other security threat, privacy and the security of confidential data is put at risk.

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This opens a window for sabotage of a business or exposing confidential information within a firm.            Generally, the article is short but it provides a succinct coverage of the important aspects of the issue of security of an information system. 


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