The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico Essay

What three factors contributed to the licking of the Aztecs? Though at that place look to be several factors involved in the licking of the Aztecs.

three stood out above the others: ( 1 ) superstitious notion. ( 2 ) arms and warring tactics. and ( 3 ) the debut of new diseases.Ten old ages prior to the reaching of the Spaniards. there were eight marks or omens that appeared to foretell the ruin of civilisation or the terminal of the universe.

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Superstition. portents. prestidigitators. marks. etc. were a major portion of the Aztec faith and one can see that possibly there are marks all around us that can foretell the hereafter. The 4th portents “Fire streamed through the sky while the Sun was still reflecting. ” brought Forth to my head the images of the Spaniards singing their blades while the forenoon Sun shined on their steel blades.

The 5th portents “The air current lashed the H2O until it boiled…” is the boaters paddling with all their might doing the lake furuncle with their choler. With merely these two portents I can understand why the Aztecs and Motechuhzoma were diffident even frightened of their hereafter. Motechuhzoma. his prestidigitators and many others thought that the hereafter had already been determined and that they should non contend. They were emotionally prepared for licking.

One other belief was that Hernando Cortes was their god Quetzalcoatl and they did non desire to incur the wrath of any God. So they welcomed him as a God and produced gifts to delight him alternatively of handling him as a alien and with intuition.Another factor that contributed to the licking of the Aztecs was inferior arms and warring tactics. The Aztecs usage of pointers and lances were no lucifer against the Spaniards guns and canons. The high quality of weaponries provided the Spaniards with the best advantage in their run along with their confederations with the Tlaxcaltecas and other folks.Though both the Aztecs and the Spaniards fought wars under the name of God or Gods.

the Spaniards appeared to kill merely for the pleasance of killing. The Aztecs saw the act of war about as ceremonial. Wars were fought in order to do forfeits to their God. This difference in their attacks and ideas of war and the lower status of their arms besides contributed to the licking of the Aztecs.The concluding factor. which led to the licking and about complete devastation of the Aztecs.

was the disease that the Spaniards brought with them to this new land. The Aztecs had no unsusceptibility to the diseases such as variola and rubeolas and countless died or were weakened.All three factors.

superstitious notion. arms and war tactics. and disease helped in the conquering of the Aztecs.

Had there been no predestination of the hereafter to keep them back. despite inferior arms and disease. I believe the Aztecs could hold succeeded in directing the Spaniards place.


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