The Basic Research Paper Format Essay

In this article you will learn how to use the right research paper format to make your piece of academic writing a winning one. However, you can save your time and spare your effort and simply buy a research paper written by our professional writers. A research paper is almost the same as a term paper.

Research paper format is similar to that of a term paper as well. The difference lies in choosing the subject or the topic, since a research paper usually deals with a more specific topic as compared to a term paper.Another distinction is that a research paper is a comprehensive analysis of a certain topic that has been discussed in class. The primary aim of a research paper is to show the professor that the student went to further study a subject matter taught in class and that he or she is an “expert” on such topic. In order to get a high grade for the research paper, good organization, structure and content is important. Following a research paper format gives the output a formal and presentable look.

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The format may vary according to the particular subject. In general however, the basic structure of a research paper has the following parts: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Bibliography. The first page of a research paper format is the title page.

The cover page, otherwise known as the title page, is where the title of the research paper, which has a maximum number of twenty words, is placed. The student’s name, course title, professor’s name, and the date of submission are also indicated here.On the next page is the Abstract which is a brief summary, containing 200 words or less, of what the reader can expect from the research paper. The purpose is to motivate the reader to continue reading the paper. The title page and the abstract are the preliminaries in a research paper format. The next part is the introduction, where the topic is first introduced to the reader using facts and background of the research.

The purpose of the study and the hypothesis or objective is stated herein. Describing the importance and the rationale of the paper is also included in this part.It is advised that this portion should be kept short, such as limiting it to two pages.

After the introduction comes the body. This part provides a detailed discussion of the topic. The facts and supporting ideas are laid down. There are at least 10-20 pages in this portion, but the number of pages may exceed if needed. The body should cover the review of related literature, methodology, data analysis, results and discussion.

Review of related literature is where the researched materials from different authors which are similar to topic of the research paper are incorporated.Methodology includes the methods to be used in the research including experiments, surveys and statistics. After having obtained the data through the chosen method, data analysis is done. The results section contains the findings gathered from the analysis, which may be presented in tables and figures. On the last portion of the body is the discussion wherein the results are elaborated further. The importance and implications of the study should be raised as well as the impact and contribution to the field of study.

A research paper format should also have a conclusion.The conclusion is a summary of what has been previously tackled in the paper, and this should be kept short. The last portion of the research paper format is the bibliography which contains all the references used by the author in his or her research paper. Make sure to write the title of the reference, page number, author, and year of publication. Generally, the common font size is 10 or 12 and double spaced, with margins at the top, bottom, left sides at 1” and 1.

5” at the right side. Finally, use the correct paper, the standard size is 8. 5” x 11”, white in color.


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