The benefits of this new marketing are understandable

The benefits of this new marketing are understandable; the initial gain is an increase in brand awareness. Creating brand awareness can be one of the greatest challenges for a company with a limited marketing budget. However, social media marketing is a great way to start with zero cost. Setting up social media accounts costs nothing except time and resources to maintain different social channels. Secondly, the one-on-one relationship is beneficial to a company. Social media marketing allows small business to reach individuals and provide customized service. Also, the one-on-one communication model increases trust and credibility. The next advantage is that companies are able to do their market research while they are maintaining their social network accounts, which will save on the huge expenses that it would cost for a small business to conduct formal market research campaigns. By creating an online presence, you can get real feedback at no cost to your business, which is an effective marketing strategy.


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