The Birds: Comparisions between story and movie Sample Essay

Have you of all time been attacked by birds? I have.

I was at the beach feeding bread crumbs to the sea gulls. when I dropped the bag. The staff of life crumbs spilled everyplace and 10s of birds swooped down around me. They practically formed a wall of plumes and rolling sounds. Fortunately though. those birds weren’t seeking to pick my eyes out and kill me.

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That is precisely what happens in both the short narrative and the film. both titled The Birds. Both of them are rather similar.

in the facet of birds assailing people and populating close H2O. There are many differences though. runing from the characters connexions to one another and concluding for the birds onslaughts.

There are some similarities between Hitchcock’s movie and Daphne du Maurier’s narrative. The chief similarity between the two is likely rather obvious. No. I’m non speaking about how birds in both narratives entered the house through the chimney. ? I am talking of the fact that in both of the films there were birds.

and they attacked people.They were even the same sort of birds. the smaller 1s you are prone to seeing in your pace and sea gulls.

The fact that the birds were similar could hold something to make with the similar scenes of the two narratives. In both. it is set instead far from a big metropolis and besides near H2O. ” The connexions between the characters in Hitchcock’s movie were rather different than the 1s in du Maurier’s narrative. In du Maurier’s narrative they are rather simple. Nat Hocken is married and has two kids.

and there is a farm down the roads where people they are friends with unrecorded. Viola! It is instead easy to understand. as apposed the relationships in Hitchcock’s movie. The film’s relationships are filled with complex love trigons. no.

they are more like love polygons. There is Mitch Brenner ( Rod Taylor ) ? If you thought this was the most obvious thing. you’re an imbecile. ” More on H2O subsequently. And the multiple adult females that all want to be with him. although for different grounds. Lydia Brenner ( Jessica Tandy ) .

Mitch’s female parent. is afraid to be abandoned by Mitch as she was when her hubby died. Cathy Brenner ( Veronica Cartwright ) loves and looks up to her older brother and wants to pass clip with him.Then. there is the instead typical Hollywood plotline consisting of the exgirlfriend.

Annie Hayworth ( Suzanne Pleshette ) . and the new girlfriend. Melanie Daniels ( Tippi Hedren ) . both desiring the taking male because of romantic involvement.

Another instead major difference between the two narratives is the ground for the onslaughts the birds made. It was made reasonably clear in the short narrative that it was the tides ( which were cause by the unusual air current ) that caused the birds to assail. I found that a spot incredible. I have see ocean tides cause many a unusual thing. this includes the desolation of sand palaces and all those inside them.

” every bit good as willing people to talk utilizing surfing slang. Through out Al of these unusual happenings. I can state that I have ne’er seen the ocean’s moving ridges cause birds to travel nuts and onslaught people. Possibly. this is the ground Hitchcock decided to allow you calculate out the ground the birds attacked on your ain.

So that if you don’t like the ground the birds are assailing. it’s your ain mistake. Besides. seeing as how the scene for this narrative is Bodega Bay the concluding couldn’t have included ocean moving ridges for a few grounds. It is a bay non an ocean. Besides bays don’t get moving ridges ; good non waves of import plenty to excite bird onslaughts! So.

as you really good cognize. there are many a difference between the two versions of The Birds. but fortunately the both had the same premiss to them.

This is a really good thing because few other usually nonthreatening animate beings can arouse such fright as birds. Think about it. if Hitchcock’s film was called The Rabbits no 1 would hold been afraid. Although Monty Python may turn out me incorrect. In decision. there are besides many other differences and similarities between the two narratives. and I will acquire into them subsequently if I am forced to compose a follow-up paper.


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