The Birthmark as a Symbol Essay

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s. The Birthmark. the symbolism is rather apparent of the nevuss upon Georgiana’s face. It represents Aylmer’s battles with nature and scientific discipline. through his repeated efforts of the remotion of it. This clang between scientific discipline and nature illustrates the construct of adult male versus adult female. through the muliebrity of nature and the masculine traits of the universe of scientific discipline.

Throughout the narrative. nature is portrayed as feminine and is even present through Georgiana. This is in the same manner how scientific discipline is show as masculine and symbolized through Aylmer. The struggles between scientific discipline and nature are symbolic of man’s need to command adult females. Eckstein say.

“modern scientific discipline is fundamentally a masculine endeavor” ( p512 ) . every bit good as.“Nature is…metaphorically female” ( p513 ) . All through history. people have referred to nature with the predating word of ‘nature’ . taking one to the belief that nature is in feminine. Mary Rucker sees how Aylmer is intimidated by Georgiana. “Aylmer…fears sexuality” ( p445 ) .

specifically feminine gender. Aylmer is concerned with commanding his married woman. and her visual aspect. This shows the subject of work forces versus adult females.Aylmer saw Georgiana as an object of flawlessness. with the exclusion of the nevus.

Before he met her. all of his bosom went towards scientific discipline. and the art of honing nature. “possessed this grade of religion in man’s ultimate control over nature” ( p 29 ) . This illustrates his compulsion with honing what was already to be had. Soon after he married Georgiana.

he became bothered with the grade upon her face.He allowed his captivation with scientific discipline to go intertwined with his love for Georgiana. Aylmer. “elevat [ erectile dysfunction ] his married woman into a scientific job to be solved” ( p366 ) . In this manner the nevus seems to be about mocking his efforts at altering nature. which is representative of Georgiana’ s muliebrity. “Attempting an operation for the remotion of the Birthmark. But the deeper the knife went.

the deeper sank the hand” ( p 31 ) . This represents the changeless battle for scientific discipline to get the better of nature. for adult males need of control to be satisfied.For work forces of scientific discipline. nature is an enemy. merely as Aylmer the nevus becomes a rival.

His hungriness for flawlessness was so great. and it upset him that his married woman was perfect in all respects except for the grade upon her cheek. The grade of imperfectness nature gives us. “fatal defect of humanity. which Nature. in one form or another. casts ineffaceably on all her productions…to imply…their flawlessness must be wrought by labor and pain” ( p30 ).

This shows how the nevus was a manner for Nature to set up a battle against scientific discipline. That. flawlessness. is non what Nature intended. and the lone manner to accomplish flawlessness was non traveling to be easy. Georgiana.

with the nevus. says in Nature’s defence. “It is awful to possess such power or even to dream of possessing it” ( p34 ).It is about as though she is talking for and perchance being one with Nature. She does non wish to free herself of her imperfectness.

This is besides one manner in which her being symbolic of nature. and therefore making the suggestion that Nature is feminine. As the narrative continues. she is more and more swayed by Aylmer’s efforts at the remotion. However.

nature stands strong and the grade remains.The battles between scientific discipline and nature go back and Forth. fiting each other in strength throughout the narrative. It begins when Aylmer ( stand foring scientific discipline ) marries Georgiana ( stand foring scientific discipline ) . and the conflict for laterality commences.

As he battled with her nevus. nature would non allow it travel. and the nevus remained on her face.He was non content with the thought that he ( scientific discipline ) could non command everything. As the last of his potions is tested upon his married woman. the nevus eventually begins to melt.

As Aylmer is going excited about his evident success. his helper. Aminidab ( who represents Nature every bit good. “Vast strength. his bushy hair. his smoky facet.

indefinable earthiness…represent [ erectile dysfunction ] man’s physical nature” ( p33 ) . ) laughs.He realizes that you can non get the better of all of Nature and is mocking Aylmer this manner. As the nevus wholly disappears. Georgiana dies. This shows how the nevus stand foring Nature in kernel wins the conflict against scientific discipline.

“the gross human death of Earth exult in its invariable victory over the immortal essence” ( p40 ).Although. the scientific discipline was right. and she was rid of the grade. it mattered no longer because this flawlessness was no longer life.

The Birthmark portrays how although adult male and scientific discipline may ever seek to get the better of nature and imperfectnesss. Nature will ever win out in the terminal.Hawthorne’s.

The Birthmark. is a perfect illustration of the battle between scientific discipline and Nature. It represents how adult male will ever seek to happen something to repair with scientific discipline.

so as to get the better of nature and our natural imperfectnesss.


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