The Blind Side Sample Essay

The unsighted side is a semi-biographical play written by Michael Lewis. it is an inspirational existent life narrative about a black 17 twelvemonth old male child Michael Born in the ghetto of Memphis in America. At the age of three. he was sent to assorted surrogate places because he dint know who is male parent was and his female parent was an alcoholic and a sex worker who did non hold sufficient money to take attention of her 16 kids. Michael ran off from his Foster place because his Foster female parent wanted him out of the house because he was non her ain kid.

he ended up life in a laundry shop until Mrs Leigh Ann Tuohy a rich white adult female saw Michael picking up left over nutrient from the gym she so welcomed him into her place to pass the dark. But that one dark easy extends itself both in footings of clip and emotion as the Tuohys Begin to handle Michael like one of the household. Guaranting that Michael had every chance to win. Clothing and feeding him. They even get Michael a new truck after he passed his driver’s trial.Leigh Ann’s two kids Collins and SJ accept Michael into their place and dainty him as one of their ain sibling. Michael is accepted into Wingate Christian School – an sole private school.

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After Michael starts go toing categories at Wingate. most of his instructors believe he is unteachable. except his scientific discipline instructor.

Mrs Boswell. who begins to understand that he learns in a different manner. helps Michael survey. His coach girl Stu besides helps him survey and with their aid Michel gets into college. Two cases in the book show that Michael is really protective about his new household. when Michael and SJ meet with an accident. Michael saves SJ life by seting his manus in forepart of the airbag in the truck and salvaging Sj from crashing into the airbag. this shows that Michael was a really protective older brother besides when Michael returns to the ghetto to see his female parent.

few thug’s talk about Leigh Ann and her girl Collins in a coarse manner. Michael so gets wild and gets into a physical battle with them.These two cases show that Michael was really protective about his household even though they were non his ain. Michael is now an American is a football violative tackle for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. This narrative teaches that there are ever people less fortunate than you and you need to be more unfastened minded about your milieus n to non judge anyone because you don’t cognize their history. and if a individual is non good at one thing they will ever be good at another thing illustration Michael. he was non a really bright pupil but he is an astonishing football participant who might be large but on the interior he is a really diffident. protective individual.

Therefore. the moral of this narrative is do non judge a book by its over.


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