The Book Thief Essay

One of the chief subjects of the Book Thief is how the usage of words. for good or for evil. can alter everything. His pick to utilize Death as a storyteller was a great thought. as Death tickers. and can depict from many points of position what he sees. and his usage of words is really powerful. Markus Zusak uses metaphors and some personification to paint a image of Nazi Germany.

With his powerful descriptions. the scene is easy to visualise.As an illustration. on p.

7. Death describes Himmel street as “buildings appear to be glued together. largely little houses and flat blocks that look nervous. There is cloudy snow spread out like rug.

There is concrete. empty hat-stand trees. and grey air” . With this description. the reader can deduce that Himmel street’s edifices are crowded in together. the trees are au naturel and leafless. and that the twenty-four hours is cold and grey.

Using imagination. Markus Zusak has created a clear image of Nazi Germany. Wordss can be used in good ways.

to convey peace and felicity to people’s Black Marias. if they are spoken right.Markus Zusak conveys this thought throughout the book. with the small narratives Max writes for Liesel. and the conditions studies Liesel gives to Max every twenty-four hours.

Markus Zusak even shows how books. or instead the words in them. can do a individual feel happy or disquieted. On p. 134. Markus Zusak describes Liesel’s love for books with “There were all different manners and sizes of lettering on the spinal columns of the black. the ruddy.

the grey. the every-colored books. It was one of the most beautiful things Liesel Meminger had of all time seen.Markus Zusak besides conveys how words can be used for good. when Liesel is depicting the conditions to Max. Her words cheer him up. On p.

249. Liesel says. “The sky is bluish today. Max. and there is a large long cloud.

and it’s stretched out. like a rope. At the terminal of it.

the Sun is like a xanthous hole. ” Weather studies such as these throughout the narrative frequently make Max happy. even in his state of affairs. Markus Zusak besides stresses the thought that words can be used for immorality.

In the book. Max writes a narrative. “the Word Shaker” get downing on p. 445.An extract from this narrative is. “He’d seen a female parent walking with her kid.

At one point. she admonished the little male child. until eventually.

he began to shout. Within a few proceedingss. she spoke really quietly to him. after which he was soothed and even smiled.

The immature adult male rushed to the adult female and embraced her. ‘Words! ‘ He grinned. ” The Fuhrer has decided that he will govern the universe. utilizing the power of words to carry through his evil desires. Through the usage of metaphors. imagination.

and symbolism. Markus Zusak shows the power of words. and how they affect persons. and even the whole universe.


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