The Break In Essay

“So we all know what were doing, yeah?” My heart was beating as loud as a sub-bass, and my hands shaking as if I had Parkinson’s disease.”Yeah” replied Ant, swiftly, who had gotten us into this mess in the first place.”And don’t forget to put your phone on silent with the vibration on” Steve added.

“I’ll ring Nick and tell him were in” Andy whispered.”Okay . . . Let’s go” I ordered, whispering aloud.And off we went. There were five of us, Ant, Andy, Nick, Steve and me, Pete.Ant was the maddest one from us all.

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He would do anything – and I mean anything, just like how he got into this mess. He was short with the front of his hair pushed up as if he was in the film Grease. All he could think about was girls. Andy on the other hand was completely different from him, as he was the smartest one from us all.

He had a tonk figure with a small head. His black hair was spiked up and had glasses on.Nick, the tallest one, and was compared to Harry Potter, as he had his hair brushed to the side all scruffy and also had glasses on.There was also Steve, who is the funniest one from us all. He was able to turn a bad situation into a funny one.

He too was short, and his hair was brushed forward. Finally there was me. I was at the centre of the group, as I wasn’t the tallest nor was I the shortest. I had short black hair brushed forward and I was known as the shy one, but tonight this was going to change as was I desperate for the picture to be back into safe hands.Nick was on portal for us outside whilst the rest of us were inside on a mission to recover what was considered the worse thing anybody could ever do at their time at Copland High – To draw a cartoon drawing of our Deputy Head, Mrs Dunkley.It all began when Mrs Dunkley came into our science class for a cover lesson on a Tuesday.

As usual she had piles of work to get through herself as parents evening for our year was on the coming Friday and today was a Tuesday. We knew that she would be collecting our books to mark on that Friday morning before the big night as she did this every year. So she told us to go through our books or to get on with something until the bell rang and that’s when it all went down-hill for the five of us. Steve, who was an A* student in art, drew a cartoon sketch of Mrs Dunkley riding a motor bike handing out detention slips. The picture was in great detail, as it showed her left hand on the motorbike handle and the right hand stretched, giving out the slips.The front of the bike was up in mid-air with the wheel turned to the side and with smoke blasting out from the back, screeching the floor. Her face looked evil, as she laughed her head off with innocent looking children watching on. And her hair was in a mess, all curled up with her mouth open as if she was roaring at them with her belly flab hanging out.

It looked like her face was metamorphous changing into pig’s features, with her swashed nose sniffing for children – Just like a hunter searching its prey.For no apparent reason, Ant, for being who he is, put all our names on the page which read, ‘By Ant, Andy Nick Pete and Steve’. At the time we didn’t mind he did this until Mrs. Dunkley had collected our books in. Nick had accidentally placed the paper in his exercise book underneath some science worksheets thinking it was part of it. We were all puzzled at the time where the paper went before we left the class, when Andy had remembered Nick putting the paper in his exercise book.

At that point we all turned out heads to the front desk to see that Mrs. Dunkley had gone . . .

with our books.We all knew that we needed to get that picture back soon, or we were going to be in serious trouble and the only way we were going to get that picture back was if we were to break into Mrs. Dunkley’s office.We had two days, Tuesday and Wednesday to plan how we were going to get the picture back.

That Tuesday afternoon we all planned to spy on the school and to get an idea of what time the school closes to what time the last person was to leave. We only had two nights to gather as much information as we could, so we decided to make the most of it. We planned how we would enter and exit the school, pin pointing all the cameras.

Over the two nights we discovered that most teachers stayed at school until eight o’clock and the school’s side gates closed at this time too. The lights were switched on at this time as well, and the front entrance to the school was locked at ten o’clock sharp. We also found out one of the school janitors who lived within the school searched the whole school within this time and also witnessed where he had left his keys.On Thursday we already knew that this was the night to break into the school and get the picture. But before we could do this we had to establish how we were going to get hold of the keys as we already knew where the keys were kept.

During lunch time Ant went into the caretaker’s room and got the keys whilst the rest of us distracted the two caretakers. We done this simply by saying the headmaster wanted to see them and that was it. We hand the keys with us and there was no looking back.* * * *The school felt cold, as it was pitch black.

The only lights on were those from the main entrance and the brighter light from the car park also known as the centre court – And that’s where we would be going if we did get caught, to court. Any noise made could be heard, which also echoed. Ant was in front of me and Andy was behind. Steve was in the main office where he could see us on the television screen, which was linked to all the camera of the school as it was being recorded.”Has he paused the recording?” I asked.

“Yeah, he stopped it and he took out the tapes” Andy answered, who was on the phone with Steve.”Okay, here we go this key works. They are all numbered and that’s why there are numbers on the top of the door” said Ant, who seemed pleased with himself as he finally figured out which key opens which doors.You could just see the fear in all our eyes and could feel the tension in the atmosphere as Ant tried to open the second door, similar to the one we passed. As he pushed the door open, the made a creaky noise we echoed all the back down from where we came from. We were now on our way to Mrs.

Dunkley’s office.As we made our way to the office of Mrs. Dunkley, we passed altogether four doors which all had a transparent window. We passed also the first spiral of steps. Our breathing rate began to increase as we got nearer and nearer.

Not one of us spoke to one another along the way. We were all focused only on one thing. My foot started to become as cold as ice because we were only wearing our socks. We had left our trainers with Nick so that less noise would be made through our journey of the school.

We were on the second floor of the school, just above the school library and we came down the second spiral of steps at the opposite side of the school which led to three different ways on the ground floor.It was so dark that we felt we were lost in our own school which we’ve been at for almost five years. Andy switched on his mini torch light and we clear recognised where we were located.

“Straight ahead?” I asked.”Yeah” Andy replied, as you hear him swallowing aloud.Andy switched the torch light off as we moved in two to three meters ahead.

A dim light was coming in through three windows on out right has be went up the steps. The school felt bigger and didn’t even feel like a school.It was raining like cats and dogs outside with the noise of thunder making a rumbling noise every five minutes.I began to walk faster and took lead whilst Ant and Andy followed closely behind.”This is cool hey?” Ant began to chuckle.Suddenly, a door on our left opened from the sixth form room and we all stopped. Out of now where came a tall, dark figure. I knew it was a bad idea that I came, I said to myself.

My heart was racing as this tall figure began to get taller and taller reaching a high climax. I was beginning to lean back and almost was about to fall but was saved by the wall. I didn’t have time to look beside me to see where Ant and Andy had gone as this figure was looking to aim only at me.”Excuse me” the deep voice said. I knew it was a man with a cockney accent. I tried to think which teacher has his voice but my mind seemed else where. This person just looked straight into my eyes, as my mouth slowly opened to release the words, “..




….”, when Andy quickly turned his torch on and directed into the path of this unknown person.”Yinka!!” We all yelled.Yinka was a student in our year. He was tall and had dark coloured skin with a voice which stuttered.

His brain span was the size of a peanut and always seemed to be around wherever we went. Was he a reporter or just a tramp looking for friends? No one knew, he was a mystery.”Yinka, what are you doing here?” I questioned him.”Shut up ma . . .

man” he stuttered.”But why . . .

” Ant began but was stopped by Andy.”Look we don’t have time for this. It’s almost ten o’clock”We all then began to head towards the office which was just around the corner.At last we were there.

Mrs. Dunkley’s door was in front of us and Ant began to look for the keys.”Hurry up” Andy pressed on.”Number twenty-three, here it is.

” Ant mumbled to himself.He put the key into the hole and began to turn. The door opened, Andy and I went in whilst Ant was still in shock over Yinka outside.”There are our books” I pointed.Andy pointed the light into the directions of the books and I begin to search for Nick’s book.”Got it!” I exclaimed.

I took the incriminating evidence out from the book, folded it up into my pockets and Andy and I had a big expression of a smile on our faces.My pockets then started to shake. It was my phone ringing from Nick.”Hello” I answered the phone.”I can see the caretaker turning into your direction – hurry” said a worried Nick.I switched of my phone and began to run out of the room. The temperature was rising.

“BEEP BEEP” went Ant’s watch. We left the room as fast as we could. Ant locked the door as we waited for him.

“Nick rang and said the caretaker is on his way. Its ten o’clock” I panicked.All three of us ran down the corridor and passed Yinka along the way. We could hear footsteps coming from the direction we came from.”That way” Ant pointed. We were about to go through the same direction but by bottom floor.

Ant looked for the key as fast as he could and pushed it into the hole and twisted the door open.”Don’t bother closing it; he must know that somebody is in the building as we didn’t lock the doors upstairs. I’ll ring Steve and tell him to get ready”.We all started to run as fast as we could and Ant had the key for the following in his hands as we passed the school library.”I can see him on the monitor. He is coming back from the sixth form room” Steve said on the phone.We didn’t have time to look behind us to see whether anybody was following us.”Hurry up!” Andy emphasised.

It felt like we were prisoners in our own school trying to escape. All three of pushed open the doors and ran up the first spiral of steps to where we ending up at the doors we first came in through. The doors were still open and Ant pushed it wide open and ran with Andy and I following behind.We got to the end of the hall and went into the office.”Check where he is” I shouted.

We could see the caretaker coming towards us as he passed the library.”Look, there’s someone with him!” Steve dramatically replied.”Yeah that Yinka” said Andy.”Yinka?” Steve said, surprisingly.”I’ll explain later on. Let go” I commanded.All four of us then ran out of the room and stood at the entrance while I took the keys off Ant began to open the door. It was a very stiff fit but the lock turned and it opened the door with a squeak after a few seconds.

I turned around as I heard noise which was echoing. I could see a silhouette of a man running towards us shouting, “Hey you, come back here!”Then we were out. The time was now five past ten and I gave the keys back to Ant who threw the keys back inside. We all put our shoes on and ran home in the purring heavy rain, laughing our heads off.


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