The British sniper Essay

* We have reviewed the excellent books produced by Australian Ian
Skennerton in past Proof House columns, and now this prolific writer is
offering another work for us to look at, The British Sniper. Like
Skennerton’s classic British Service Lee, this book promises to be
the definitive work on the subject.

The large format publication (8-1/2 X 11 inches, 266 pages) is
profusely illustrated with the arms and sighting equipment used by the
British soldier from 1915 to the current day (1983). As usual,
Skennerton’s writing is lively and informative. Considerable
research is evident in just about every line, and there is an excellent
table of contents, as well as an exhaustive index.

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Sniping is certainly one of the more exotic aspects of war, but the
author’s presentation tempers this so-called romance with the
constant reminder of the sniper’s vulnerability as well as his
deadly effectiveness. The British Sniper is available from most
specialist booksellers for $32.50, or from the North American distributor, IDSA Books, Dept. GA, P.O. Box 185, Hamilton, OH 45012
(add $1.50 for postage).


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