The butter topping gets deep into this cinnamon flatbread Essay

Slashes do more than decorate this sweet flatbread. They catch andhold the butter topping so it penetrates the baking bread. Serve warm asa fragrant treat for brunch or after a football game. Cinnamon SlashedFlatbread 1 package active dry yeast 1/4 cup warm water (110[deg.]) 1/4cup warm milk (110[deg.]) 1/2 cup sugar 3/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1/2 cup(1/4 lb.) butter or margarine, melted and cooled 4-1/4 to 4-3/4 cupsall-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon In a large bowl, sprinkle yeast over warm water to soften.

Addmilk, 5 tablespoons sugar, salt, egg, 2 tablespoons butter, and 2-1/2cups flour. Beat with a dough hook or heavy spoon until dough iselastic, about 5 minutes. Mix in 1 more cup flour.

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If using a dough hook, beat until dough pulls from sides of bowland feels only slightly sticky; add more flour if needed. Place doughin a greased bowl and turn over. Cover with plastic wrap. If mixing by hand, scrape dough out onto a floured board; knead until smooth and springy, adding flour if dough sticks. Place dough ina greased bowl and turn over. Cover with plastic wrap. Let dough rise in a warm place until doubled, about 1 hour.

Punch dough down; knead briefly on a lightly floured board just torelease air. Pat and stretch dough to fit bottom of a greased 10- by15-inch baking pan. With a sharp knife, make 1/2-inch-deep slashesdiagonally across surface of dough, placing cuts about 1 inch apart toform a diamond pattern. Mix together remaining 6 tablespoons butter, 2tablespoons of the sugar, and cinnamon; drizzle evenly over dough.Cover lightly with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place untilalmost doubled, about 20 minutes. Sprinkle top evenly with remaining 1tablespoon sugar. Bake in a 400[deg.

] oven until browned, 20 to 25 minutes. Servewarm. Break off chunks to eat.

Makes 12 to 15 servings.


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