The Call of the Wild Answer Key for Chapters 5-6 Sample Essay

1. 25 lbs2.

They had been given no clip to recover on the trail. In less than five months they had covered over 2500 stat mis. 3. Mercedes feels sorry for the Canis familiariss while Hal thinks they are lazy and wants to flog them.

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4. The sled was overloaded with a cragged burden and the smugglers were frozen into the land. 5. It shortly fell over sloping half its burden.

They were advised to half the burden and utilize twice the Canis familiariss if they wanted to make Dawson. 7. They purchased an extra six hiking the Canis familiaris squad to fourteen. 8. He had covered the distance four times antecedently.9. Unfortunately.

he cut back on the day-to-day nutrient ration and increased the distance covered each twenty-four hours by the Canis familiariss. 10. She insisted on siting on the sled despite repeated warnings from Charles and Hal that the Canis familiariss were exhausted. 11. They staggered into John Thornton’s cantonment and he was paring an axe grip from a stick of birch. 12. Cryings were coming to his eyes when he witnessed the barbarous intervention of the Canis familiariss. 13.

He threatened to kill Hal if he struck Buck once more.14. The sled plunged through the thin ice and all were lost with the exclusion of Buck who had been cut out of his hints by John Thornton.VocabularyWretched- ( of a individual ) In a really unhappy or unfortunate province. Dwindled- Diminish bit by bit in size.

sum. or strengthFeigned- Pretend to be affected by ( a feeling. province. or hurt ) Taut- Stretched or pulled fast ; non slackTotter- Move in a lame or unsteady mannerSlipshod- ( typically of a individual or method of work ) Characterized by a deficiency of attention. thought. or organisation Dismay- Cause ( person ) to experience alarm and hurt

Slovenly- Messy and dirtyRemonstrance- A forcefully admonitory protestClannish-Tending to except others outside the groupSuppress- Forcibly put an terminal toSuperfluous- Unnecessary. clairvoyance.

through being more than adequate Averred- State or asseverate to be the instanceMongrels- A Canis familiaris of no definable type or strainForlorn- Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonelyOrthodox- Conforming to what is accepted as right or trueImportuned- Ask ( person ) pressingly and persistently for or to make something Perambulating- 1. Walk or go through or around ( a topographic point or country ) Fissures- A long. narrow gap or line of breakage made by checking or dividing Monosyllabic- Consisting of one syllable

Inarticulate- Unable to talk clearly or show oneself clearlyJaylen HunterChapter Six—For the Love of a Man1. He had frozen his pess the old winter.

2. Buck’s life will take a bend for the better due to Thornton’s sort intervention. 3. They were waiting for the reaching of the raft that would transport them down to Dawson.

4. He saw to the public assistance of his Canis familiariss as if they were his ain kids instead than merely from a sense of responsibility or concern expedience. 5. He loved and respected Thornton.

6. They were Thornton’s spouses and they arrived on the raft. 7. They were at a saloon in Circle City when Thornton attempted to protect a tenderfoot who was being attacked by Burton.

Burton so turned on John. strike harding him to the floor. In an effort to protect his maestro. Buck jumped in and rupture Burton’s pharynx unfastened.

stoping the affray. 8. Thornton falls from the raft and is in danger of being swept through lifelessly rapids when Buck swims to salvage him.

Thornton grabs onto his tail but is merely able to make impermanent safety on a stone. Buck meanwhile swims to shore where Hans and Pete attach a rope to him. He so swims out to Thornton with the rope and eventually they are both pulled to the safety of shore.

9. He claimed that Buck could draw a thousand-pound burden from a standing start. 10. He wagered a poke of gold dust the size of a bologna sausage by banging it down on the saloon. 11.

500 lbs12. He offered to pay Thornton $ 1200 for the Canis familiaris.13. He loved the Canis familiaris and did non desire to sell him for any monetary value.
VocabularyEnticed- Attract or tempt by offering pleasance or advantageManifested- Display or show ( a quality or feeling ) by one’s Acts of the Apostless or visual aspect ; show Communion-The sharing or exchanging of confidant ideas and feelings Shrewdly- Having or demoing crisp powers of judgement ; sharp Passive- Accepting or leting what happens or what others do. without active response or opposition Grubstaked- An sum of stuff. commissariats.

or money supplied to an endeavor ( originally a prospector for ore ) in return for a portion in the… Chasm- A deep crevice in the Earth. stone. or another surface Whim- A sudden desire or alteration of head. clairvoyance. one that is unusual or unexplained Appalled- Greatly dismay or dismay

Diminished- Made smaller or less ; Made to look less impressive or valuable Hinder- Create troubles for ( person or something ) . ensuing in hold or obstructor Waxed- Cover or dainty ( something ) with wax or a similar substance.

typically to smooth or protect it Babel- A baffled noise. typically that made by a figure of voices Indiscreet- Having. demoing. or continuing from excessively great a preparedness to uncover things that should stay secret or private.


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