The Carbon Charter Essay

1. Car Care

Check the tyre pressure and engine lubricant. Remove roof racks, this can reduce vehicle efficiency by over 10%. GTX Magnatec can improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by 5%.

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2. Miser Motors

Fuel-efficient cars produce less CO2 per mile. The most efficient vehicles, such as compact hybrids, can produce 0.4 pounds of CO2 per mile. Whereas larger SUVs, a high performance car, produce double this size.

3. Future Fuels

With ultimate fuels you can reduce CO2 emissions by 2% to 4%.

4. Local Logic

Buying local foods can reduce the CO2 impact of ‘food miles’. Food transportation within the UK accounts for over 8% of road vehicle emissions.

5. Recycling Reasons

In many cases, products made from materials require less energy to produce compared with those made from original materials. E.g. it can take almost 75% less energy to make items from recycled steel than it does from new steel.

6. See the Light

Efficient light bulbs use less than half the energy to produce the same amount of light than normal bulbs. The US department of energy has estimated that over 400 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year could be avoided.

7. Less Hot Air

Most home energy is used for heating and cooling. Cost savings and CO2 reductions of over 10% can often be made simply by adjusting the heating controls to reduce overheating and using natural ventilation more efficiency.

8. Green Energy Supplier

Sign up to a green energy supplier, who will supply electricity from renewable sources (e.g. wind + hydroelectric power) this will reduce my carbon footprint contribution from electricity to zero.

9. Lose the Heavy Stuff

Each 100lbs in your car increases gas consumption by 1-2%.

10. Go on a Tree Spree

Planting trees removes carbon from the atmosphere, filters air, and prevents soil erosion. It’s best to plant trees native to your area.


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