The Cause of Crime Lies Within the Individual Sample Essay

It can be argued that the familial differences in cultural minorities can take to an single going more likely to pique.

This is apparent in the work of Lombroso ; he found that the bulk of felons had similar features. for illustration. they had big jaws and were large boned. This therefore supports the position that the cause of offense prevarications within the person as their large physique made it easier for them to perpetrate certain offense. for illustration.

slaying. This farther proves the person has an advantage that others can non get. However. it can be argued that even though an person has biological characteristics which make them more prone to perpetrate offense they can take to utilize their physique for other intents i.

e. Preventing and halting offense as the stereotype of a constabulary officer’s physique is besides ‘big and strong’ .It could be argued that society fails to run into the demands of persons who fail in the instruction system. doing them to organize retreatist subcultures and farther commit offense. Merton argues that immature working category boys come together and organize these subcultures and Rebel against the norms and values of society because society labels these persons as failures. It is clear to us that Merton’s statement goes against the position that offense lies within the person. when society labels an person as a ‘failure’ the single signifiers subcultures as they are isolated from the remainder of society and made to experience inferior they therefore use what Cloward and Owen calls ‘illegitimate means’ i.

e. robbery of geting wealth and position. Likewise. Cohen argues that the deficiency of chance for working category persons to accomplish in society creates ‘status frustration’ whereby the single becomes frustrated with the thought that they have been labelled and hence form subcultures to let go of the tenseness of being considered as ‘failures’Psychological accounts have besides been used to demo how the cause of offense prevarications within the person. Bowlby argues that an person can go more prone to pique if they have been ‘maternally deprived’ . The female parent being the ‘expressive leader’ is needed to back up and love and care for the kid. Therefore without this figure nowadays in the household socialization can non be efficaciously enforced and established.

This can be used as an illustration to demo how without a stable upbringing an individual’s likelihood to pique in ulterior life is increased. Likewise. Murray argued that ‘paternally deprived’ households had no socialization due to the fact that the ‘instrumental leader’ was non present and hence the working category male childs had no male function theoretical account ensuing in a life of offense and aberrance.Traditional Marxists would reason that the causes of offense are because of structural jobs in society. for illustration. poorness and category inequality.

Gordon argues that because of poorness offense could be the lone manner for the working category to last in mainstream society. The aberrant subculture This goes against the thought that the cause of offense prevarications within the person as the grounds suggests that working category persons can merely truly survive through offense by utilizing ‘illegitimate means’ of geting wealth and position. Nonetheless. traditional Marxists have been criticised for romanticizing the working category and for disregarding the relationship between offense and non-class inequalities.

for illustration. ethnicity. The gallantry thesis


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