The Cell Phone Revolution Sample Essay

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution. the universe has become a smaller topographic point. The clip used to go to far distances has diminished ; with the growing of new engineerings.

going and pass oning have become simple day-to-day undertakings for many people. Through the growing of planetary communicating. people have become closer to others across the Earth. and concern has gone universe broad. One innovation that came along with the technological revolution is the cell phone. Cell phones allow us to be approachable anyplace at anytime.

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allowing us pass on even during travel. As clip becomes more valuable for people. the importance of handiness to communicating besides increases. With cell phones. the communicating and handiness have besides revolutionized.

With the growing of engineering. cell phones besides became more complex and versatile. incorporating characteristics like text messaging and turn uping systems. As we go into the hereafter. the maps of cell phones besides become more and more complex where they advance in engineering and alter the manner we exist in society. The hereafter cell phones will excel their intent as a tool of simple communicating and go the cardinal point in our mundane lives.Since the thought of the cell phone was foremost invented in the 1940’s by Bell Labs. it has come a long manner and evolved into many different systems.

The thought of the cell phone foremost came up in the 1940’s after research workers realized that by “designating scope of service countries ( cells ) that use a individual frequence to Mobil auto phones. ” they can do them hold a much higher traffic capacity and quality ( qtd. in Bellis ) . They nevertheless noticed that the engineering to make so did non be and that more promotions had to be done to do this thought come true. The greatest innovation that was needed in order to get down cell phone engineering was “the microprocessor” which Intel® invented in 1971.

Soon afterwards on October seventeenth 1973. Dr. Cooper from Motorola patented and created the first manus held cell phone ( qtd. in Farley 8 ) . Although there was great demand for cell phones. it took several old ages for them to make the criterions that are in topographic point today. In order to run into demands and have a system that can back up many users. more research had to be done.

Cell phones were built and tested on different frequences with different systems. Consequently each state came up with a preferable system of their ain which was different so the other bing 1s. What evolved were three different chief systems that are still used today. These systems are the “TDMA. CDMA ( PCS ) . and GSM systems. ” each differing on the “bandwidth and frequency” they use and whether they are digital or non ( qtd. in Bellis ) .

Current cell phones that are used today have already become more so just-for-talking telephones. One major characteristic that revolutionized the use of the cell phones was the short message service” ( SMS ) . ” With “SMS” cell phone users got the chance to direct and have “two manner messages of 160 characters in length. ” This signifier of non voice communicating via the cell phone surprisingly became one of the nomadic industry greatest successes ( qtd. in MobileSMS ) .

Cell phone users were able to direct instant messages in state of affairss when they can non speak. Partners in concern meetings could interchange thoughts or comments with others at a place office. or a Neighborhood-watch could group message-people if person got robbed.

Students can utilize this characteristic in schoolrooms or film theatres to pass on with friends. Businesss like recognition card companies can utilize “SMS” to advise recognition card proprietors if they are at their bound. and cell phone companies like Nokia use it to direct pealing tones to cell phones ( qtd. in Bermant ) .Furthermore the integrating of web browsers. e-mailing and cyberspace into cell phones has besides made them various and multifunctional. Today cell phone proprietors can look into and direct new electronic mails from their cell phones.

travel to net sites and store online. and even confabs by utilizing “instant courier systems” straight from the cell phones via WAP ( wireless application protocol ) ( qtd. in Bermant ) .Although many of these new engineerings are possible and utile because of the cell phone.

there are some downsides that come with this device. One downside is the danger of cell phones usage while runing mechanical vehicles such as autos. Because cell phones allow us be so nomadic. they besides let us speak in state of affairss where we are making something else. While a individual is in the center of a treatment. he can be distracted from anything else he is making.

Harmonizing to analyze published in “the New England Journal of Medicine. ” the opportunities of acquiring into an accident while on a cell phone are increased by “four hundred per centum ( qtd. in Hua ) . ” Another survey that was done by scientists in the “transport research laboratory” suggested that driving while utilizing a cell phone is more risky so driving under the influence of intoxicant at the permitted blood intoxicant content degree. The survey says that a individual on the cell phone reacts half a 2nd slower than an watchful driver ( qtd. in Wrolstad ) .

Sing the consequences of the research. more statute law is needed for cell phone use. perchance censoring or restricting the use of cell phones during state of affairss naming for a person’s full attending.Another disadvantage of cell phones is the radiation they cause.

Every cell phone creates an “electro magnetic field ( EMF ) ” when it is linking to the local aerial. This EMF radiation can run from “1. 55 SAR ( specific soaking up rate of wireless frequence absorbed by the organic structure ) ” . and lower which corresponds to radiation coming from a leaking micro moving ridge. Harmonizing to a survey done by Dr. Joseph Mercola the radiation heats up encephalon cells.

transportations energy to them. and so can do harm to those cells by interacting with certain chemical activities. ( qtd. in Carnoy and Dr. Mercola and CNET ) .

Even though these jobs exist with cell phones. the industry has tried to suit users. doing cell phones safer as they advance. New cell phones have radiation’s every bit low as “0. 1 SAR” which lowers the sum of radiation directed towards the encephalon and with the development of new and improved hand-free headsets. nomadic users show less distractions while driving and make non expose themselves to any radiation while speaking on the cell phones ( qtd.

in Carnoy and CNET ) .Future cell phones will non merely breathe lower radiation and come in smaller sizes. but besides will come with a assortment of new and advanced characteristics that will revolutionise its use and do them the centre of our digital life. One approaching characteristic of the hereafter cell phones is “video watercourse services” on cell phones. The following coevals cell phones will come with high definition full colour shows. and have video cameras integrated into them. They will hold the capableness to enter high quality pictures.

30 minuets in length and direct them to other users or to e-mail references. and they will be stream capable. allowing people have existent life picture conferences over the phones. Peoples will hold the chance to watch pictures while they are waiting or siting the coachs. and they can watch the intelligence on their cell phones upon petition ( qtd. in Japan’s Corporate ) .New security engineering will allow cell phones have fingerprint scanners on them so merely authorised people can utilize those cell phones and they will incorporate “PDA thenar pilots” into the cell phones doing them the multifunction points for any concern work forces.

With the new security system. whenever person wants to look into or direct e-mails. or turn on the cell phones. a finger scan is needed and that gives the cell phone proprietor security. “Through Bluetooth® and other engineerings.

” cell phones will be able to link to any other remote or radio device within 25 pess propinquity. leting them to link to laptops. other cell phones or even to telecastings moving as remotes ( qtd. in Yamanoha ) .On the other manus.

the cell phones future utilizations are non bound by technological promotions. but instead are directed by the versions that have been made by other concerns. In the hereafter.

people will be able to purchase nutrient utilizing their cell phones in assorted topographic points. In Finland. peddling machines are traveling to hold phone Numberss for single points which they can dial and subsequently acquire billed for by their phone companies. Cell phone screens will be able to move as saloon codifications. allowing people connect recognition cards to cell phones and merely scanning a cell phone after food market shopping to bear down their cards.

Other characteristics will be Fm wirelesss. mp3 participants and voice recording equipments. The cell phone will be able to enter conversations moving like a voice recording equipment. doing it a utile tool for many people like pupils who could enter talks on their phone and so direct this recording to friends or themselves as an electronic mail. Cell phones will besides be able to play back and store many vocals in MP3 format. enabling people to transport around their music without a 2nd device.

Finally cell phones will hold a FM wireless map allowing them receive wireless signals wherever there is response ( qtd. in Yamanoha ) .One intriguing engineering that is in development for cell phones will raise the linguistic communication barrier by offering existent clip interlingual renditions of conversations. Using voice acknowledgment package and interlingual rendition package. cell phone companies will be able to offer the most astonishing characteristics created. Once a cell phone user chooses his or her native linguistic communication. the cell phone company will be able to interpret conversations from and into his linguistic communication.

This means that a Nipponese speech production individual could be speaking to a German talking individual. and they both would have the conversation in their ain native linguistic communication. Furthermore utilizing GSM placement. the cell phone will be able to foretell the linguistic communications needed and automatically get down the interlingual rendition package.With this characteristic planetary communicating will come in a whole new degree and obtain a new significance ( qtd.

in Yamanoha ) .The promotion and debut of cell phones has besides changed our society and will further alter the society in the hereafter. Cell phones have made us turn closer. enabling us to pass on with all our friends and households about instantaneous. Planing tiffin with our friends has become a affair of the minute. where we can name up our friends for run intoing up with them.

or allow them cognize of any alteration of planes every bit shortly as they come up on-line to chew the fat. Harmonizing to Howard Rheingold: “to non hold a cell phone is to be walking blind. disconnected from just-in-time information on where and when you are in the societal webs of clip and topographic point. ” ( qtd. in Mizuko 6 ) .

The cell phone has become necessary for our mundane lives. assisting us form. communicate. and even remain up to day of the month with intelligence as we go along our busy agenda. The cell phone has caused youth revolutions in Tokyo and Helsinki. and a political rebellion in Manila.

Cell phones besides have the prospective to beef up surveillance in our lives altering the manner we live and observe our privateness ; “what we know and do can minimise dangers and maximise opportunities” ( Gtd in Rheingold ) .Different lines of research and development that have developed steadily for old ages are gather speed now because equal calculation and communicating capablenesss late became low-cost. These undertakings began in a assortment of Fieldss but are now fall ining on the same boundary between man-made and natural universes. Sensor french friess are get downing to be put into all modern devices. giving our machines the ability to direct. receive and shop information with their environment. In the close hereafter there will be environments that sense people within them and react to them utilizing any portable or electrical device that individual is transporting on them.

Cell phones are going more of import every twenty-four hours. With the new characteristics that they are acquiring. cell phones will go the figure one points people will utilize for about any thing they need.Alternatively of recognition cards. people will transport cell phones and most of their concern can be done on the phones even if they are on the manner ( possibly in picture conferences utilizing the cameras and internet maps ) . Companies can utilize cell phones to publicize straight to people. Peoples will non hold to transport many different points for all the things the cell phones can make and they will go a really utile engineering and in the same clip.

the cell phone can go a powerful tool puting people’s privateness at hazard and their lives in danger. In close hereafter. the universe we live in will alter into a digital life with our powerful tool–revolutionized cell phones. and we will hold to both embracing this fantastic engineering and at the same time. be careful how much power we are giving to one point.


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