The Challenges Facing International Students in Higher Education Essay

The figure of international pupils analyzing in the UK has soared over the past decennary due to globalisation. Paige ( 1990 ) defined International pupils as those persons who temporarily lived in the foreign states and received the instruction as exchanged pupils. The chief ground why international pupils come to the foreign states is that they want to have better instruction compared to their beginning states ( Hayes and Lin. 1994 ; Marcketti et Al. 2006 ) . Therefore. international pupils have become an of import portion in the higher instruction and significantly increase the income of the universities in the UK.

For this ground. this essay will reason that. the international pupils will confront different sorts of challenge chiefly concentrating on linguistic communication trouble.

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civilization barrier and psychological job in abroad. The paper will sketch the challenges confronting international pupils and some possible solutions. Language trouble is a general job that international pupils would confront.

English is a 2nd linguistic communication for international pupils in the UK and pupils who want to come to analyze at higher instruction degree need to go through the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) trial.British universities chiefly regard the IELTS as their entry making ( Macrae. 1997:3 ) . and an IELTS mark of 6 ( or less normally TOEFL 550/213 ) is the common entry degree if the pupils want to analyze graduate student classs at most universities in the UK. However. it is non simple for some international pupils to go through this trial. peculiarly those non-native pupils who have a hapless English background.

Furthermore. during their academic survey for international pupil. the chief job is the linguistic communication trouble.

It is because that linguistic communication ability as a critical medium of communicating and the academic accommodation is limited without linguistic communication proficiency ( Hofstede. 1991 ) . This will normally go on to international pupils at some instances such as essays composing.

critical analysis and unwritten presentations. Apart from the linguistic communication barrier. the cultural barrier is another job faced by international pupils. As noted by Persaud ( 1993:45 ) . both of the higher instruction and the peculiarly force per unit area from the foreigner academic civilization are the challenges for International pupils.In other words. the lingual troubles may take to academic trouble and failure to understand at a cultural degree. Therefore.

international pupils need to do their single attempts to get the better of lingual jobs through every possible manner such as reading newspapers. listening to the wireless. watching telecasting.

doing native friends and speaking with local people. In add-on. they should set themselves to the new life abroad and acquire information to the local civilization environment they are non familiar with.Surely.

universities besides have the duty to assist international pupils to get the better of the cultural daze they face. For solution. universities in the UK should integrate some cognition of native civilizations into category to assist pupils acquire to cognize some the UK civilizations and this could profit everyone.

Psychological job is another challenge for international pupils. Some bookmans defined psychological emphasis as ‘a certain relationship between an person and the environment that the individual measure it as taxing or transcending his or her resources and may jeopardize his or her well-being’ ( Lazarus and Folkman. 1984:19 ) .International pupils are faced different sort of emphasiss when they study abroad.

Some could set their emotion shortly but others may necessitate more clip to acquire used to the new life abroad. Burns ( 1991:61 ) claimed that compared to local pupils. international pupils feel more emphasis. International pupils may have more force per unit area from their households forcing them to success. less competent with academic accomplishments.

and misconstruing by academic staff. Those pupils who are non able to dapt the life alteration delivery by analyzing abroad may endure psychological issues. including homesickness.

solitariness. lacking of societal support and feeling no sense of belonging in the host state.Another issue is that some pupils feel non comfy in a new and unfamiliar environment and they are diffident to show themselves to others. which cause them even harder to recovery from depression. The psychological job could impact the survey of international pupils and this issue can non be ignored. Therefore. it is of import to happen a good solution to work out this job for international pupils.At first.

pupils could deviate their positions by developing avocations. making athleticss at free clip. doing friends and constructing up societal life in the host state. And so some international pupils besides find that it is a good chance for them to go around inside the UK or in the mainland Europe. which help them a batch to alleviate from force per unit area.

Meanwhile. universities besides have the duty to assist international pupils on this job and they could set up an international pupil psychological coaching centre to hold staff at that place for oversea pupils who need aid.Henry and Osborne ( 1983:293 ) argued that the instructors are the cardinal portion to assist the pupils in the facets of mental and emotional life. They besides could pull off the relationships and outlooks of pupils and assist them win in due classs. In add-on. universities could keep some activities from clip to clip particularly for international pupils to allow them hold the chances to run into and acquire to cognize each other.With the attempts made by pupils every bit good as the aid from universities. international pupils could do a smooth passage to the new life abroad and hence farther letdowns can be avoided every bit good as choler and other negative emotions.

( Sovic 2008:148 ) . In decision. international pupils would confront many challenges.

including linguistic communication trouble. unfamiliar academic environment and psychological emphasis. It is of import for the pupils themselves every bit good as the universities to recognize these issues.As has been noted universities need a right attitude to confront these challenges. such as integrated cognition of native civilizations into category.

set up an international pupil psychological coaching centre and keep some activities for international pupils. On the other manus. international pupils besides should do their single attempts to get the better of jobs. For case. communicate with local people. developing avocations and constructing up societal life. By this manner.

international pupils could hold a better and easier life during their survey abroad.


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