The Characteristic of a Good Leader Essay

Recognizes the value in other people. so continually invests in others – Good leaders see a big portion of their function as developing other leaders.

Leadership development takes topographic point in an organisation as good leaders begin to portion their experiences. good and bad. with others.

Shares information with those in the organisation – There is a inclination of some leaders to keep information. because information is power. but a good leader knows that the more information the squad has that jointly the squad is better. which straight benefits the leader.Has above norm character – There are no perfect people. but for a leader to be considered good.

they must hold a character that is unquestioned within the organisation. Leadership ever draws unfavorable judgment from person. so a leader may non be able to acquire everyone to believe in him or her. but the people who know the leader best should swear the leader’s character. Uses their influence for the good of others – Good leaders are every bit interested in doing a positive difference in people’s lives as they are in making a healthy net income border.

This doesn’t mean that balance sheets and income statements aren’t of import. in fact they are critical for the success of an organisation ( even non-profits ) . but a good leader doesn’t dividing a desire for assisting others from the desire for fiscal success. Good leaders find ways to leverage fiscal wellness to beef up the wellbeing of others.

Is adept and competent – Good leaders can be depended on for their professionalism and follow through.You don’t inquiry whether a good leader is traveling to be able to finish a undertaking. If they don’t cognize how to make something. they will happen person who does. but they will guarantee that a occupation is done the best manner it can be done. Not afraid for others to win ( even greater than their ain success ) – Good leaders realize that some followings will outgrow the leader’s ability to develop them any farther.

Good leaders. nevertheless. aren’t threatened by another’s success. They are willing to observe as those around them win.Serves others anticipating nil in return – Good leaders have a bosom of service. They genuinely love and value people and want to assist others for the good of the one being helped. non needfully for personal addition.

Continues to larn – Good leaders are ever larning and implementing those acquisitions into the improvement of the organisation. That could be through reading. conferences. web-based acquisitions.

or through other leaders. but besides through people who report to the leader.Remains accessible. accessible.

and accountable to others – Good leaders don’t isolate themselves from people irrespective of the sum of duty or power he or she attains. Good leaders volitionally seek the input of other people into their professional and personal lives. Is airy: Thinks for the organisation beyond today – Good leaders are ever believing beyond today. “What’s following? ” is a common inquiry asked by good leaders. cognizing that person must continually promote alteration.

growing and strategic thought for an organisation to stay healthy.


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