The Christmas story Essay

My Dear Children, I am very anxious that you should know something about the Historyof Jesus Christ. For everybody ought to know about Him. No one everlived, who was so good, so kind, so gentle, and so sorry for all peoplewho did wrong, or were in anyway ill or miserable, as he was.

And as heis now in Heaven, where we hope to go, and all to meet each other afterwe are dead, and there be happy always together, you never can thinkwhat a good place Heaven is, without knowing who he was and what he did. He was born, a long long time ago–nearly Two Thousand yearsago–at a place called Bethlehem. His father and mother lived in a citycalled Nazareth, but they were forced, by business to travel toBethlehem. His father’s name was Joseph, and his mother’sname was Mary.

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And the town being very full of people, also broughtthere by business, there was no room for Joseph and Mary in the Inn orin any house; so they went into a Stable to lodge, and in this stableJesus Christ was born. There was no cradle or anything of that kindthere, so Mary laid her pretty little boy in what is called the Manger,which is the place the horses eat out of. And there he fell asleep. While he was asleep, some Shepherds who were watching Sheep in theFields, saw an Angel from God, all light and beautiful, come moving overthe grass towards Them.

At first they were afraid and fell down and hidtheir faces. But it said “There is a child born to-day in the Cityof Bethlehem near here, who will grow up to be so good that God willlove him as his own son; and he will teach men to love one another, andnot to quarrel and hurt one another; and his name will be Jesus Christ;and people will put that name in their prayers, because they will knowGod loves it, and will know that they should love it too.” Andthen the Angel told the Shepherds to go to that Stable, and look at thatlittle child in the Manger. Which they did; and they kneeled down by itin its sleep, and said “God bless this child!” Now the great place of all that country was Jerusalem–just asLondon is the great place in England–and at Jerusalem the King lived,whose name was King Herod. Some wise men came one day, from a country along way off in the East, and said to the King “We have seen a Starin the Sky, which teaches us to know that a child is born in Bethlehemwho will live to be a man whom all people will love.” When KingHerod heard this, he was jealous, for he was a wicked man. But hepretended not to be, and said to the wise men, “Whereabouts is thischild?” And the wise men said “We don’t know.

But wethink the Star will shew us; for the Star has been moving on before us,all the way here.” Then Herod ordered them, if they found thechild, to come back to him. So they went out, and the Star went onuntil it stopped over the house where the child was. This was verywonderful, but God ordered it to be so. The wise men went in, and saw the child with Mary his Mother.

Theyloved him very much, and gave him some presents. Then they went away.But they did not go back to King Herod; for they thought he was jealous,though he had not said so. And an Angel came, and told Joseph and Maryto take the child into a Country called Egypt, or Herod would kill him.So they escaped too, in the night. But when this cruel Herod found that the wise men did not come backto him, and that he could not, therefore, find out where this child,Jesus Christ, lived, he called his soldiers and captains to him, andtold them to go and Kill all the children in his dominions that were notmore than two years old. The soldiers with their swords killed all thechildren they could find. This murder was called the Murder of theInnocents.

Because the little children were so innocent. King Herod hoped that Jesus Christ was one of them. But He wasnot, as you know, for He had escaped safely into Egypt. And he livedthere, with his father and mother, until Bad King Herod died.


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