The code reveals there was a very strict justice system

The code reveals there was a very strict justice system. The women really did not act as
individual’s outside of the family. Parents arrange marriages for their children. After marriage,
the parties involved signed contract without it no one was considered legally married. The
fathers were basically the decision matters in their children’s life. The code reveal that men had
more power than women. A society where law was very important to them. Women did
not have that much choices because their husbands were the decision makers. They
believed in justice and in law system and that every crime should be punished. For
example, Duiker and Spielvogel stated that “If a son has struck his father; they shall
cut off his hands” (15)
By reading this is shows how everything changed over the years since the Mesopotamia days. The code is basically stating that a woman has to obey by a man’s rules. If that woman did not obey than there will be consequences for her actions. The code of Hammurabi reveals the woman’s main job was in the home doing things a normal wife would do around the home. The woman in the Mesopotamia did the necessary work of women everywhere. This includes taking care of their families, raising children, cleaning and cooking. Duiker and Spielvogel says “not all woman remained home. Some worked in the fields and others business doing runs for the taverns.” (14)


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