The combat .45 Essay

Bill Wilson, along with co-author Michael Bane, have taken ano-nonsense approach to modifying the Colt .45 and its many copies.

While Bill is not shy about mentioning his own products and ideas, he isalso generous in mentioning other well known gunsmiths. This is a bookthat makes it clear that the average shooter need not spend a fortune ona .45 to turn it into a piece that is accurate and reliable. In fact, the advice is to learn to crawl, figuratively, before youlearn to walk.

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The tyro flat-out doesn’t need a full house pistolto compete at his level. Bill tells what the beginner needs, not whathe thinks he might “just have to have.” As you improve, thisbook will tell you how to have your pistol keep pace with your ability.There is a point made between which modifications are practical andwhich are mainly cosmetic. If you are thinking of buying a Colt .

45, this is an invaluablereference and is highly recommended. Price is $12.95 plus $2.50shipping and handling from: Wilson’s Gun Shop, Route 3, Box 211D,Dept.

GA, Berryville, AR 72616.


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