The Cost of Education Essay

Malaysian perspective:Since education had become a global interest and it had created a highly competitive surrounding, which has increase the quality of the education in Malaysia and it is a good thing for the students. Due to this, Malaysia is now in high ranks among the education exporting countries.It is every parent dreams to send their children for a better education aboard and it might be a high priority for most of them.

They are aware that it will cost them a lot to support their children for a higher education oversea. For popular countries like Australia the cost of education can be 4 times of the cost of education in Malaysia. This can cause a tremendous financial drain for the parent. It is to assume that students can save up to RM10’000 if they choose to entire foreign university degree locally in Malaysia instead of going to the traditional education-associated countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia or United States and this is one of the biggest advantage to continue studying post-secondary or university in Malaysia. Therefore most of the parent would prefer their children to study locally, due to the economic reasons. Besides the low cost of education, the cost of living in Malaysia is much more cheaper compare to other countries.There are a lot of study opportunities in Malaysia and the cost are low and also, the quality of education is on par with the post-secondary in other countries and the degrees awarded are internationally recognized. In additional, Malaysia post-secondary also offer a choice of local qualifications as well degrees from foreign countries.

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SummaryFrom the interview that I have done with my aunt I found out that it is a burden to have a child when your not financially secure because of this my aunt had took up a part time job as a sale girl. Her relationship with her husband had also changed to become worse this is because of the stress and tension which had build due to the baby. They had also divide their time by taking turns to look after the baby and when there are busy they would send their child to their parents.

Due to this my aunt’s relationship with her parents had became closer since she would always seek help from them and she would visit them more often. She also thinks that he roles had not changed because she still has to do most of the housework and take care of the baby. Conflict also arises in her situation because of the stress she is facing.

Her relationship with her friends had also change because the lost of freedom, she says that she have to go home straight after her work everyday to look after the baby and she don’t even have time for herself and she would not be doing things she used to do anymore. As for her timing she does not worry much since she is working part time and the time is very flexible but she did complain the lack of personal time.In my opinion the situation that my aunt is facing now is very similar with the information in the textbook since the book had mention that many couples experience some decrease in marital satisfaction after the birth of a child and I believe my aunt and uncle is facing the same problem. The book had also mention about the lack of time with friends, spouse and personal time. It takes a while to adjust to the additional time to required to care for a child. As the book had mention a couple would also face financial problem because of the addition of new member and because of thins my aunt had took up a part time job to solve their financial problem. Research had also shown that marital satisfaction of new parents are lower that the couples without children.

The couple’s new emphasis on family will effect their relationship with friends, which are the same situation my aunt is facing and she had also lost contact with most of her friends.Consequently most of the couple that have child would have more burden and it is really hard form them to spend time with each time because of the responsibility that they have to face because of the additional of new member in their family. Due to the additional of the member the couple would also need additional cost to maintain the family expenses.

Some of the expenses might be the cost of food, clothing, and equipment for the infant. Others occur in the near future, such as day-care costs, and funding post-secondary education for their children in the distant future. The couple would also face problem with the time that they spend together and they could not do the things they often do before the birth of their child. Due to this conflict and stress arise and the couple would start fighting and arguing for stupid stuff like the division of household jobs and the childcare. One of the parents’ tasks is to work through these changes in the best possible manner for themselves and their child. This can be the most challenging developmental task of new parents.


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