The Crafty Fox Essay

A long, long time a go there was this crafty Fox, oh how crafty he was. You wont believe that he was as, or even more clever than you or me but he was. Sorry did I hear you say that you do not believe me, that you have never heard such nonsense ever before. Fair well then I shall take some of your time to prove this to you. Ah you see that when I mention the word ‘story’ you start to tremble with excitement. In the old days we had no books, as you can imagine there were no such things all we had was maybe a plate of slate (if that) all flaky and cold that would fall apart in your chalky fingers all white and cloudy.

The chalk would be a form of chalk, was sold as chalk but actually had the texture of very soft limestone that would crumble in our hands and then smudge the slate. For this we would get the cane through no fault of our own. Oh how I remember those years of thrashings and beatings. But now days I have become much the wiser through the years and all my travels. So I shall have to pass on all my tails and wizyness to you. After which you shall lay me down and leave! So let’s make a start with this tail. Are you comfortable?

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Then we may begin. When I was about twenty-two travelling along in Hungary in a Trabant that I had rented off of someone who I knew fairly well. And on my travels I met some gypsy travellers who were selling goats cheese on the side of the road, there were two varieties. You could choose from either smoked cheese or freshly made (I decided to choose the freshly smoked cheese as if there had been any bacteria on the cheese the chances would be that they would have been killed in the process of smoking them).

These little tails are unnessacary but they are just for back ground information. These sellers told me a tale and now I shall tell the this tail. There was once a crafty fox, which was very hungry and thirsty. So he went to the closest fresh water spring. He lapped until he was fulfilled. He started on his way again and as he walked he remembered that he was very hungry. He ended up on a cobble bumpy road and saw a horse drawn cart in front of him.

He sneakily ran up behind it and jumped in, landing in a heap of freshly caught fish. He could not believe his luck. He eventually fell asleep after feasting on the fish; there were still many left. He woke up seconds later as the cart jumped and bounced around on a particularly bumpy road. He had an idea. He undid the two bolts that were holding the fish in the cart and it fell open, the fish were now free from the entrapment of the cart. Every bump and some more fish would fall out on to the dry, dusty road.

The fox was therefore ecstatic and could not wait to get home to his den and family. When he was fulfilled with the quantity of fish on the road he closed the carts sluice affixed the bolts back to their correct positions. He jumped off collected all of the fish that he could carry and ran off towards his den and cubs. On the way he walked past a hungry bear who told him that if he didn’t tell him how he got all of the fish he would steal them and keep them for himself. The fox was not stupid and so made up a way to catch them.

He told the bare that he stuck his tail in the lake and waited for the fish to catch, as soon as he felt anything he would quickly remove the tail, knock the fish out (killing it) and repeat this before he was fulfilled. The bear believed him and made off towards the local lake, whilst the fox went to his den and fed his family. The remainder of the fish he stored deep inside their den. Meanwhile the bear had followed the fox’s direction and had put his long tail in the water. He stayed there all night and no fish bit.

He stayed there so long in to the night that he gradually fell asleep in the same position, standing. The next morning he awoke to the sight of the frozen lake and the pain coming from his tail. He pulled and pulled, but it did not work. His tail was stuck, so he grabbed on to a tree and pulled even more, felt some give and heard a rip and then he was free. Just as he let go of the tree he felt the excruciating pain run through his body. He looked around and to his horror there was no longer ab long thick bushy tail but a little stub in its place. This is the reason why the bear has a short tail.


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