The Criminal Justice System Essay

Webster’s Dictionary defines societal concept as. “a societal mechanism. phenomenon. or class created and developed by society ; a perceptual experience of an person. group. or thought that is ‘constructed’ through cultural or societal pattern. ” ( About. com. 2009. p. 1 ) It would be similar to coteries in high school: athletes. encephalons. misfits. and cheerleaders would all interact within their ain group and seldom interact outside of said groups. Prosecutors are seen as those contending for the offense victims. Their responsibility is seting bad people in gaol for drawn-out periods of clip.

They must turn out beyond a sensible uncertainty that the suspects were non the victims but were in fact. the grounds behind the bad lucks of others. Peoples see them on telecasting shows such as “Law & A ; Order” as being tough. resourceful and ever contending for their side. They conflict for what their victims believe is right. Mythmaking is the art of making an semblance or a set of fortunes that favor the prosecution’s point of position. It’s the “perception-versus-reality” conflict that prosecuting officers and defence lawyers pay against each other to procure the best test jury. Minick. 2000. p. 5 )

This is where stereotypes come into drama because person who might look like one type of individual may really be person wholly different. Person who is good dressed may look to hold Conservative values but could truly hold a Broad prejudice. A possible juryman who is perceived to be flush may really be a miser. The proverb. “Looks can be deceiving” is most appropriate. A perfect illustration: When President Richard Nixon went to name a new U. S. Supreme Court Justice. he wanted person that shared his Conservative positions.

He chose Harry Blackmun to the nation’s highest Court merely to happen out after his nomination that he was a Liberal who finally wrote the bulk determination sing Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion in this state. ( Quindlen. 2008. p. 1 ) That is what happens when the topic comes unprepared. Criminal Justice 4 Everyone has an sentiment sing a given topic. There is the perceptual experience of what a group is or does and the world. For illustration. there may be a perceptual experience that defence attorneies are out to liberate suspected slayers. rapers and other bad people.

The world is they are contending for the truth for their client. merely as prosecuting officers are making for their client. There is a perceptual experience that interior metropolis offense is high because minority groups live in these countries. Besides. the media portrays offense in a manner that hits major metropoliss more frequently than in the suburbs where the more flush reside. Harmonizing to World Wide Web. crimereports. com. that is non the instance. Mentioning a recent survey. several major metropoliss experienced a bead in offenses in their metropoliss.

This was information that went unreported in the media ( No writer. 2009. p. ) Places runing from New York City to San Francisco reported lower offense rates in their countries. Further. there is no information acquiring out to the media mercantile establishments to alter the perceptual experience that constabulary officers are making their occupations better through community policing and other tactics. ( No writer. 2009. p. 1 ) The intelligence media is non making the jurisprudence enforcement community any favours by taking with bad intelligence ( fires. deceases. robberies. etc. ) It makes their occupations tougher in their eyes and besides makes the public more wary of what they are making on the streets.

That said. prosecuting officers are looking for the fact to a given instance. They are colorblind in their chase of justness. they want the truth to come out for their client and trust the resistance hesitations in their pursuit for justness. Minorities may experience as though they are acquiring a natural trade. but they are frequently acquiring a just test with competent representation. The inquiry is who do we penalize and how? It becomes hard to reply because every instance differs from the following. There are at least two sides to every narrative and the fortunes of Criminal Justice 5 each instance diverges with each complainant and suspect.

Each instance is tried on its virtues and a finding of fact is determined by either a justice or a jury based on the grounds presented. One theory that prosecuting officers can utilize in their instances can be the perceptual experience of felons to non acquiring caught. Lance Lochner examines this phenomenon during his research of males and offense. His research found that males who committed offenses and were non arrested by constabularies were more likely to go on this behaviour. ( Lochner. 2003. p. 1 ) He believes the offender’s purpose is to besiege the system and snub jurisprudence enforcement to derive an advantage.

Calculating they would non acquire picked up by the bulls adds to the temptingness of offense. ( Lochner. 2003. p. 1 ) As prosecuting officers. this information can be used to put up the statement the suspects in these types of instances know right from incorrect and chose to make the incorrect thing. Perpetrating offenses to these suspects. and is a bang to them and it does non count if person gets hurt in the procedure. Their indifference to the jurisprudence would do them campaigners to transport out more crimes—possibly more serious than what they were presently making. Wining strong beliefs to such groups that engage in this type of behaviour would assist battle this issue.

It would state them that what they are making will non be tolerated by jurisprudence enforcement or the vicinities that are negatively affected by the Acts of the Apostless of cowardliness. Show them that their action carry effects when they are apprehended. Possibly so the message will be received. There is a gray country when it comes to the worlds of the condemnable justness system. If one looks at the media. one would see a rise in offense. The constabulary are non making plenty to convey felons to justness. We know this is non the instance because offense is down in most major metropoliss.

If person positions telecasting shows runing from “Perry Mason” in the 1960s to the aforementioned Criminal Justice 6 “Law and Order” today. so you would see a scope of jury decisions. In the former show. the prosecuting officer would acquire his strong belief by doing the suspect interrupt down during testimony. In the other instance. facts are presented and the jury can govern either manner ( and has acquitted suspects from clip to clip on the show ) . Prosecutors have a tough occupation guaranting that justness is served. Peoples are traveling to believe what they see on telecasting. hear on the wireless and/or read in the newspapers and on-line that is the truth.

The job is that may non ever be the instance. Peoples have their ain experiences from which to pull upon that shape their perceptual experiences and worlds. Person life in the interior metropoliss who have witnessed drug trades and drive-by shots will hold a different world than person who has lives in the countryside. While it would be possible for person to hold a realistic position of the condemnable justness system. it is improbable for that to go on based on the information disseminated daily. The features of a set group are based on the factors within the given environment.

Peoples who are like-minded ( have the same societal positions ) ; have the same working background. ethnicity and heritage are traveling to cleaving together. Witness they will hold a corporate sentiment on a topic that frequently does non disperse from the group. Take the O. J. Simpson instance. It was media circus that ran across societal. economic and racial lines. Everyone had an sentiment whether the former football star murdered his antique married woman and male friend in their Brentwood. CA place. Gregg Barak of Eastern Michigan University said every issue was dissected during the test and had Americans riveted to the tribunal proceedings. Barak. 2000. p. 1 ) Barak said more Afro-american males were positive Simpson was guiltless of the Criminal Justice 7 charges than white males. Conversely. White adult females. including the two on the Simpson jury. believed the suspect was guilty of the offenses. ( Barak. 2000. p. 1 ) Barak said that happening did non surprise him since Simpson. an Afro-american. purportedly killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. a White adult female. What was determined to be interesting to Barak was the perceptual experience of people during the instance.

He said that people’s attitudes toward Simpson and the test were consistent throughout and many people’s sentiments about him and the slaying test went virtually unchanged. ( Barak. 2000. p. 1 ) In other words. if people thought Simpson committed the slayings. than that decision was non swayed during or after the test. Once an sentiment was formed by person. it stayed that manner. Prosecutors in that instance. Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark. faced a suspect who had fiscal agencies and the ability to rock a jury. ( Barak. 2000. p. 1 ) Simpson was well-known as a football. participant. advertisement pitchman. observer and histrion.

Most suspects are non every bit versed as Simpson was and would hold survived the media attending this test generated. The prosecution was non airtight in its instance and finally lost to the suspect with the big bankroll and means to acquire out of being reprehensively responsible for two slayings. The work is ne’er done in the prosecutor’s office. Every twenty-four hours these people go above and beyond the range of their occupations to convey people to justness. They are a cog in the machine that enables them to make precisely that occupation. It is their hope that the streets and the vicinities in this state are safer every twenty-four hours.


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