The Crush Review Essay

The Crush by director Michael Creagh is a successful short film, which won the Oscar prize for this genre in 2010. The film was also produced in 2010 with the setting in Ireland. The film delivers the message of love and truth by the story of an eight-year-old schoolboy, who has a crush on his teacher. He gives a toy ring to her teacher to announcing his love. He lists “marry Ms. Purdy” on the first page of his ten year plan and tries to look as an adult to draw the attention of his beloved teacher with a big-size jacket and a polished leather pair of shoes.

The rising action occurs when he sees his teacher wearing an engage ring, going shopping hand-in-hand with her fiance. He is even more angered when noticing the fiance is insensitive and treats his teacher with neglect. The conflict is led to climax when the little boy challenges the fiance to a duel to the death. As “death cancels everything but truth”, confronting the boundary between life and death, the fiance confesses his love for the teacher is just made up obligation.

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Achieving his aim, the schoolboy decides to shoots the fiance and the gun turns out to be a fake one to the surprise of the deceitful fiance. Till this shot, every conflict of the film has been resolved. In the falling action, the teacher now realizes the “true love” her fiance promises her and she decides to call off the engagement. In the ending, the little boy goes home with his teacher and agrees to “keep this between ourselves”.

He says his crush is over but she should find someone really deserves her. With a short time frame, the writer of this short film has dug deep into creativity to polish up every detail. The three words “reveal, pretend, love” on the board appearing right from the beginning scene is one of those creative and meaningful details. Without careful attention, many audiences may miss this important detail, which is a delicate way that the writer implies the whole message of the work.

In the film, the protagonist successfully uses his intelligence to “reveal” the “pretending” “love” of the teacher’s fiance. This detail has left a deep impression about the writer’s talent in well creating the coherence throughout the plot. With careful consideration, this film is a worth watching film for its meaningful message and the way it is delivered. This film, moreover, succeeds in featuring the most basic characteristics of a short film: simplicity, interesting character, conflict, emotion and originality.


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