The Culture Of The Philippines Essay

Both my parents were born in the Philippines. They came here to the United States because of the higher criterion of life. The remainder of the household was besides raised for the bulk of their lives in the Philippines. However. my brother and I were raised here. Bing this manner. every now and so are some generational and cultural struggles within the household. My parents arrived in the United States during the 1970’s. My brother was born in 1975 and I was born 9 old ages subsequently. Not merely is at that place a cultural difference between the remainder of the household. but besides a semi-generational difference between my brother and myself. In the Philippines. it is. from my apprehension. a rigorous usage to ever demo regard to your seniors. ne’er talk back. and take attention of your seniors. However. here in the US. it by and large isn’t so with the new modern civilization emerging. The American civilization emphasizes equality. and the byproduct of this is that sometimes power-conflicts may come up from clip to clip. Equally so. people have the opportunity to voice their ain sentiment. and on some degrees. it may look as rude or a challenge to others.

In the Philippines. you take attention of your relations when they age. Here. there is the construct of retirement places. The Filipino civilization besides is really conservative. while the American civilization tends to tilt on the more broad side. When you address others in the Filipino civilization. you show your regard on where you stand. For illustration. when you call or speak to older relations. you address them as tita/tito ( aunt/uncle ) . kuya/ate ( older brother/sister ) . Here in the United States. other than naming person Aunt or Uncle. it is normally non done. There are many differences between the Philippine and American civilization that it can do jobs and misinterpretations from within the household. A recent illustration was a misinterpretation on who washes the dishes. Part of the cause was besides miscommunication. but was resolved shortly after.

Every now and so there is the occasional statement because of cultural struggle. and between my brother from generational struggle. My brother sees things otherwise than I do. Bing a nine-year difference between us. he tends to believe long-run ends and little things. whereas I think short-run ends and the overall image. He still treats me as his younger brother and that leads to statements sometimes. Although the household has about a distinguishable line between generational and cultural differences. there is ever some point at which we all agree. We see the differences and come to footings. Merely late. some relations came in from the Philippines and brought a fresh set of Filipino civilization with them. but everyone. including them. adapted really rapidly with alterations.


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