The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Essay

Dear Ms. Gariott, I am on page 193 of the book, The Curious Incident of the Dog InThe Night-Time. Right now, Christopher has run away from home. He no longer trusts his dad and thinks his dad might hurt him. He no longer trusts his dad because he confessed to killing Wellington and lying about his mother’s death. Christopher also thinks his dad might hurt him because his dad grabbed him when he realized Christopher was still writing the mystery novel on the death of Wellington after he told him to stop. Christopher becomes very agitated and afraid when he is touched.

I am enjoying this book, although it is written very differently than any other book I have read and is somewhat confusing . Christopher writes about every little detail in the book. When he is in the subway going to his mother’s house, he described the subway car in detail. He describes everything from the car’s seat pattern to the railing where you stand. I like the details when it’s important. I don’t need to know things about the car seat pattern, because it make me feel overwhelmed with detail, which is different than the book I usually read.

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I also find this book is somewhat confusing because he is writing and narrating a book at the same time. At some points, I have to go back and see if what he is saying is in the book he is writing or the story he is narrating. I think Christopher running away from home didn’t solve his problems. He was simply running away from them. He created more problems for himself when he ran away because police, who are strangers to him, are now looking for him. They could possibly touch him, which he doesn’t like either.

When Christopher’s dad grabbed him, after finding the novel, I thought to myself this is wrong, because he knows about his condition he should have at least tried to contain himself for Christopher’s sake. When Christopher became afraid and hit his dad, I felt sorry for Christopher because I thought he was powerless against his dad in that situation, and his dad was so enraged, I felt he might hurt Christopher. Christopher was right for no longer trusting in his dad after he told him he killed Wellington and his mom was not dead. He believed in nd trusted his dad, and I thought he should have never done such a thing. When someone you believe in lies, the trust is gone. He was really angry, and I felt he had every right to be. I think that Christopher is just a different type of person, but I think society labels people who are “different ” as strange or weird. This book sheds light on how society treats people they think are “different”. Everywhere he went people thought he was strange or weird. I think he is afraid of society and society was unwelcoming of him because he is “different. “


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