The Digestive System Worksheet Essay

University of Phoenix Material Animation: The Digestive System Hydrolysis of Sucrose After viewing the animation, answer these questions: 1. The enzyme sucrase breaks the disaccharide Sucrose into two monosaccharides: Glucose , or sugar, and fructose , or fruclose sugar. 2. Where does this reaction occur? This reaction occurs on the surface of the instetina epithelial (mucosal) cell surfaces.

3. For hydrolysis to occur, the sucrose must bind to what part of the sucrase enzyme?The sucrose molecule must bind to the active site of the enzyme. 4. What happens to the enzyme when this occurs? The enzymes configuration will change so that the oxygen bridge located between the two monosacharides is then exposed to the water molecules in the covalent. 5. What happens to the sucrose? The sucrose then breaks apart into two monosacharides and float away (Glucose & Sucrose). 6. What molecule breaks the bond? Do you see why the process is called hydrolysis? ydro = water and lysis = to break.

The bond is broken by water. A water molecule breaks the bond ( oxygen Bridge) and attaches the components water; OH to one monosaccharide and H to oxygen of which is still attached to the other monosaccharide. 7. After the bond is broken and the two monosaccharides are released, what happens to the enzyme? Once the bond has been broken the enzymes configuration will then turn back to its original form so that the entire process can begin again.

8.How many times can this process be repeated? This process will continue to repeat it’s self until the enzyme becomes inhibited, denatured, or wears out. 9. What three events can occur to end this process? the monsacharides will drift away leaving the site available for another sucrose molecule to bind, changing the enzymes configuration, permitting it to be hydrolyzed. Reference Broyles, R.

B. (2012). Workbook to accompany anatomy & physiology revealed version 3. 0. New York,NY: McGraw-Hill.


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