The Divine Wind has lots of people with worries on their mind. Discuss Essay

Set in the Pearling District Broome in Western Australia during the years of World War II, Garry Disher’s “The Divine Wind” follows the personal experiences of Hartley “Hart” Penrose as he recounts the events of his youth leading up to and during World War II . The problems facing Hart are those in which he lusts for Japanese friend Mitsy Sennosuke, who encounters hate and prejudice as Japan enters the war, and the decaying Kinship of Broome as a whole. During the course of the novel, Trust and Friendship are challenged as the People of Broome develop concerns and worries of the future as Australia enters the war.Quite possibly the main source of concern for Hart was the complexity of his relationship with Mitsy. There were times when Hart was seen to be reflecting on the relationship he had with Mitsy, ‘I knew only that I’d lost Mitsy’s friendship.

Alice hadn’t – she sided with Mitsy it didn’t mean that I never spent time with them, but things had changed. If we went to the cinema, Mitsy sat on one side of Alice, I on the other. Out on the street, she was polite but distant with me. ’ This shows us that Hart is constantly thinking about Mitsy, and how he longs for Mitsy’s attention.Hart’s love for Mitsy was just one of many troubles that the characters of ‘The Divine Wind’ had on their minds.

Ida Penrose’s homesickness caused quite a bit of concern to the Penrose family as well. Although she once loved her husband, she soon grew weary of the neglect she received from her him. She longed for England deeply, so sometimes she would leave during the day to find solitude, to find her own “bit of England” in Broome. She tried to “Culturelise” her family with English literature, ‘She would push Great Expectations into our hands, and we’d say “too thick, never get through it”. After Ida had left, the remaining Penrose family began to wonder as to why she had left, especially Michael Penrose; at one point he is seen crying over the loss of his wife.

Ida’s inability to find ease in Broome was a growing worry that everyone that was close to her, had on their minds. The final (and main) concern to people of Broome was the terrifying idea of war. From a small suspicion at the start of the novel to the climatic bombing at the end, the war was a big concern that grew as the novel went on. During the lead up to the Japanese attacks tensions rose and prejudice was unavoidable.The dinner the Penroses shared with the Killians became stressed when Mr Killian brought up the topic of the war. At other points in the book characters voiced their fears about the approaching war, ‘My father said abruptly, ‘There’s going to be a war. ’ This shows that the imminent conflict was a current issue was on everyone’s mind and numerous smaller disputes soon broke out.

From the troubles with love that plagued Hart’s psyche, to Ida’s incapacity to conform to Broome lifestyle and the fear of the inevitable war. There is no doubt that the characters of ‘The Divine Wind’ had many worries on their mind.


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