The Dorm Life Essay

I walked up stairs, after a drooling three-hour practice and a workout in the weight room. I was overwhelmed by the amount of body odor I was emitting. All I could think about is a long shower and my comfortable bed. I open the door to Shaq, my next-door neighbor, ingesting all my Little Debbie snack cakes on my bed.

I throw my shoes off and grab my towel acting like I do not see him. All my mind was focusing on was a nice cool shower and an hour power nap. I then hear my roommate, Jerrett, trying to rap in the shower. Frustrated already, I ask Shaq to leave, and as usual he refuses.It is really hard to force a six foot, ten inch, two hundred and seventy-five pound guy to do anything. I bribe him to leave with two brownies and a Dr.

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Pepper. I plummet flat on my face in my bed and start to think, “is living in a dorm always this bad? ” There are many reasons why I chose the dorm life, but it also comes with disadvantages. The actual staying in a dorm is not all it is said to be. Since I moved from home, my room does not always stay as clean as it should.

As a result, I can not always find my English essay, favorite shirt, or maybe the television remote.The one good thing is I live in the middle of campus and I am not far from the classes and library. Therefore I can wake up at eight fifty and get to class by nine. But I am also close to the cafeteria. When it comes lunchtime, I am five steps from being in line. Thus, I eat in the cafeteria frequently and lie in bed for hours after it, sick to my stomach.

Living on campus can be nice but more then often I pay the price. It is also nice having the main essentials such as my television, DVD player, refrigerator, VCR, and laptop to use any time I need.In college a computer is a must have. I own a laptop that is put to good use at all times. Unfortunately my roommate is always borrowing it because he does not have one. We have to share and often stay up late finishing a paper due the next day. Also, having my refrigerator is a main necessity.

I am always getting a snack cake or a drink to take to class. The bad thing is my suite mate is always hungry and has no food. Its hard to get full when your two hundred and seventy-five pounds. He also enjoys watching his favorite DVDs or VHS tapes.

The only problem is he does not own a VCR or DVD player. We rent out the DVD player and VCR at least once a week. The other dilemma is I own all of his favorite movies. He borrows will borrow at least three movies and the VCR at any given time.

I cannot really say no because I am half his size. We often let him have it just so he will disappear. Last, eating in the dorm is nice and simple. I am all about going the easy way when it comes to cooking. I buy Ramen noodles by the hundreds no less than once a week. The bad thing is when your roommate is against throwing anything away.My nights consists of hour clean ups of all the junk on my floor and desks.

Having my own appliances is often pleasant but at times backfires. As I lie in bed I began to realize dorm life might not be all its cracked up to be. At times, living on campus is easier when it comes to walking to class. Also, it is nice to have my own at home appliances with you in your dorm room.

But in the end it all has its penalties. Finally, twenty minutes later, I take notice of the water stopping. I get in the shower and think, “maybe living at home was not always so bad. “


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