The Effects of the Illiteracy Essay

The Effects of the Illiteracy With the development of the human society, more and more people began to realize the perniciousness of the illiteracy. In my opinion, the illiteracy is the main reason that hinders the social progress. First of all, the illiteracy is the obstacle for individuals to communicate. We all know that communication is extremely essential in our daily life as well as commercial activities. The base of communication is the common knowledge of each party. In my opinion, illiteracy causes individuals having fewer topics to communicate with others.

Second, the illiteracy brings negative impacts to family education. Parents are the first teacher of children. The quality and social background of parents will influence the entire life of children. If parents are farmers, they nearly will not encourage their children to obtain the high education. The greatest impossible is their children have to copy their life to be farmers for whole life. Finally, the illiteracy impedes the popularization of science and technology. It is information times with the rapid development of technology.

The illiteracy influences the ability of applying a kind of new technology, like a computer, or a Smartphone. We all know that technology like a computer or Smartphone plays an important role in our daily life. I cannot imagine what the world will be like if there are not these things. All in all, the most effect of illiteracy is that it works as an inhibitor of social progress. In another word, the higher proportion of illiterate people there are in a country, the harder it will be for the country to develop. Thus, the popularization of education is especially important for a nation.


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