The Effects of Violent Video Games on Kids Essay

Murder, shooting, stabbing, blood bodies, gore, beating, & fighting. Does this sound familiar to any of you guys? Well, to me this sounds like something that you would get arrested for. However for most kids, this is something that they would do while playing violent video games. In today’s society we see these violent video games as a normal pass time where kids would get together and play games like black ops, grand theft auto, halo, assassin’s creed, battle field and many more. Most of these games revolve around killing, stealing, decapitating, assassinating and etc. Just saying these words make me cringe!

Do you guys really think that kids should be exposed to such mature themes like these ones? Well, I’ll go through all the reasons why violent video games are extremely wrong and should not be played by kids like us. 1. Distracts you from your daily activities. 2. Teaches children the wrong things. 3. Islam does not recommend it. Firstly, violent video games can take up a lot of time. On average a teenage boy will spend 18-20 hours a week playing video games that’s about 5-9 hours on a daily basis. Just imagine staring at a screen for 5 hours. This cuts your day almost in half.

This stops us from doing homework, socially interacting with friends and family, reading books, studying and many more things one would do on a daily basis. These things are apart our childhood, why destroy this with video games. Thus, in general our lives are being slowed down from addictive violent video games. Furthermore, In the Quran it says “There is a man among the people who buys discourses of distracting amusements, so that he may mislead (people) from the way of Allah and make a mockery of it. For such people there is a disgraceful punishment. ” This hadith is from Surah Luqman 31:6.

This basically means that we should not involve ourselves in negative things that will distract us from the good in our religion. In this case the man who buys discourses of distracting amusements symbolizes violent video games. The more we play and involve ourselves in negativity the more will forget about the good morals Islam teaches. As children these moral are crucial for us to learn and therefore video games prevent us from attaining good morals in order for us to become good human beings. Finally, violent video games can only teach us bad things. Face it! What good can come out of playing such violent games?

Recent studies have shown that violent games are the cause of school shootings; bullying and violence towards women Kids like us are at the age where we’re learning from our surroundings. If we are going to be exposed to such mature and wrong things they show in video games we’re obviously going to learn from it. The more we play the more we believe that video games are our reality. Children are going to start believing that the wrong doings in these games are right. In soon time all our beliefs will be shattered and our innocence will be destroyed from being exposed to such bad things. By Umar A. Khan 7B IFS


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