The Election Day Essay

Election Day was November 6th. 2012! I wasn’t ready but I was ready.

I was sitting in the life room with my ma and small brothers. We were tossing from Fox 13 to CNN. I was acquiring nervous and so were my brothers. I was on the border of the sofa. I kept shuting my eyes and slickly opening them back up and seize with teething my nails. It was a close race though. Thank the Godhead Obama won! ! ! Barack Obama: 50 % with 303 electoral ballotsMitt Romney: 48 % with 206 electoral ballotsThe race was quicker than I thought and seemed like it was shorter than 2008’s race to me.

Mitt Romney seemed truly confident but if I was running for president. I would be the same manner. I stayed up all dark merely to hear their addresss. Mitt Romney’s was good but Barack Obama’s was great. Barack Obama seemed even more dedicated to our state that dark. This election made history.

Barack Obama made history excessively. Not once…but twice! I was truly aroused and so was everybody else around me. The lone portion of the election I didn’t like was after the election was over. I don’t acquire on societal webs but from the things I was seeing and hearing on Television and the things my ma told me. awful remarks were said. I don’t like that at all.

And it wasn’t merely one race stating these awful remarks.It was every race. I personally.

don’t attention what colour anyone is. allow entirely our president. If I was able to vote and Barack Obama was white or frailty versa. I wouldn’t ballot for one of them merely because of their race. It goes down to who has the best program for us. So I don’t truly understand why the remarks were being made. Just like my ma.

pa. grandmother. etc. told me. “If it’s non nice.

don’t say it” and “Don’t do something to person if you don’t like it yourself” . And it 2012 racism shouldn’t exist at all! All of that muss merely made me huffy but I don’t react or respond to ignorance so I merely left it entirely. Other than that. the election was great ?? Obama2012 & A ; Obama2016. forward.


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