The Evolution of Everything Essay

The Evolution of EverythingHomo sapiens, Homo erectus, and other Homo species had different characteristics. This is because they came from different era.

They had gone through evolution. This is the same thing with people now. With their different generations, they all have variations of their skills and capabilities.            It has been said that the young generation of today has been far and worse from the past generation in terms of their knowledge development, communication skills, and strategies.

They are reported to be weak when it comes to thinking and analyzing, comprehension, expressing thoughts, and problem-solving (Modesitt, “Reflecting Minds”).            The essay is strong with regards to its validation of arguments. Modesitt presented pieces of evidence showing the weaknesses of the younger generations. He presented different people’s experiences in dealing with these younger people which made them draw conclusions from what they have observed. Also, it has a point in connecting the current crisis to the weakness of the generation by determining the young people handling the economy. On the other hand, the essay is still weak when it comes to its counter to the argument that these young people have these weak capabilities because they just try to meet the innovative world. What the young people do are just the right actions for globalization. However, it is true that there has really been a decline in the thinking skills of the young generation because of their dependence on the technology.

They have become lazy because time has been fast and that they need to meet these problems in a fast way. That is why they are used to doing things instantly. Unfortunately, this results in the lack of understanding and strategy of their works.            This line of thinking could be the worst as of today because according to Modesitt, it has a consequence of doing things with the lack of brilliant planning accompanied by poor understanding. This may always have a short term solutions for problems if it happens not to be effective. However, this may be the best line of thinking that young men can do in order to meet more problems than before especially now that problems arise every second.            Therefore, what young people now have is just the result of their development in order to meet a different problem in their era. People and skills are not the only ones that evolve.

Problems also have their evolution.Work CitedModesitt, L. E., Jr. Reflecting Minds. 6 December 2008.

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