The Existence of Good and Evil Essay

As a individual takes his or her first stairss into the outside universe. he or she will eventually be able to acquire a little gustatory sensation of the bad that’s nowadays in life. In the narrative To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee brings us one of the subjects though the eyes of an guiltless immature miss. Scout. as she begins to detect more about the universe she lives in. Coexistence of good and evil is revealed though a instance of a falsely accused African American. doing non merely Scout but the remainder of the kids to change their positions towards the community. Through the contrasting ideals and actions of people. the coexistence of both and immorality is exposed.

The disparity in both Atticus and Bob’s actions helped turn out that the universe is non a perfect topographic point with merely moral dwellers present. In the novel. Bob and the people of Maycomb are the “bad” in the universe. because of their favoritism and bias towards African Americans. Alternatively of being treated like any other human existences. they are looked down upon ; they are based on “the immorality assumption—that all Negroes lie. that all Negroes are fundamentally immoral existences. that all Negro work forces are non to be trusted around our women…” ( 232 ) . However. people don’t recognize that non everyone is perfect. and non merely Negroes commit wickednesss but white people and any other type of race does excessively. Atticus. though. dainties black people with regard. and hence he represents the “good” in the community. He regards them he would move towards any other human being. because he knows that even if the other individual had a different tegument colour. belief. or race: everyone has equality. Though there is much bias in the universe. there are those similar Atticus who balance it out.

As a consequence of the children’s exposure to the immorality within their community. Jem and Scout come to larn that like is non the guiltless topographic point that they have ever thought it was. Due to their immature age. their immature and pure heads have non discovered the evil in people and in life. and hence this affects them the most. Jem and Scout believe that Tom would be found guiltless while Bob would be found guilty. because he knows that it’s the right thing. Unfortunately he does non yet the unfairness nowadays in life until after the test. when everything turns out to be opposite of what he expects. Scout stated “It was Jem’s bend to shout. His face was streaked with angry cryings as we made our manner through the cheerful crowd. ‘It ain’t right’…” ( 242 ) . As their eventually understand of the presence of both good and evil in life. Jem and Scout become mature in their ideas. and recognize that the universe isn’t the pure and stainless topographic point they had one time considered it to be.

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