The Fall of the Han Dynasty with the Fall of the Roman Empire Sample Essay

During the late Classical Period ( 200-600 C. E. ) . all the great imperiums collapsed. The prostration of the imperiums did non go on suddenly but was a procedure.

The autumn of the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire showed similar features. Both empires merely got excessively large. excessively overextended. and when weakened were overrun by barbaric folks. However. there are profound differences every bit good. The Roman Empire proofed excessively expansive to be sustained by the available resources with no new technological inventions particularly when the gross decreased due to no new states being conquered. China during the Han dynasty produced several new innovations like the ox drawn plough.

China’s addition in population contributed to the prostration of the imperium as did the lessening of the Roman population. The Han dynasty imperium in China collapsed by the twelvemonth 220 C. E. For the following 400 old ages. China was divided into several regional lands. The Roman Empire came to an terminal by 476 C. E.

However. it had already declined over several decennaries and the aureate age of Rome. the Pax Romana. came to a stopping point with the decease of Marcus Aurelius in 180 C. E. In contrast to China. the eastern portion of the imperium maintained the tradition of imperial Rome.

the Byzantine Empire. for another thousand old ages. The Han dynasty was interrupted by Wang Mang ( 9-23 CE ) who was a authorities functionary taking on power and weakened the imperium by his unsuccessful effort to reform land ownership and currency which caused pandemonium in the local economic system among the hapless and the rich. The Han dynasty was restored two old ages subsequently by the imperium could non to the full retrieve. The size Officials were exempt from revenue enhancements and the heavy revenue enhancement of destitute renter husbandmans caused a major provincial rebellion. Yellow Turban Rebellion.

in 184 C. E. which weakened the authorization of the cardinal authorities.In the Roman Empire little landholders were often forced to sell their land to the proprietors of big estates. These big landowning households avoided paying revenue enhancements as did the church. Both imperiums suffered weakened political system constructions.

In China. the corruptness of tribunal functionaries every bit good as the tenseness between them and the Confucian-educated scholar-bureaucrats weakened the state’s control of big estate proprietors. In Rome some emperors tried urgently to salvage the imperium but 25 out of 26 emperors died a violent decease in a 50 twelvemonth span. The influence of ground forces general and division of the imperium weakened the western half.

Persistent dearths. lay waste toing inundations along the Yellow River caused an addition in monetary values in China and the bitterness of provincial towards the tribunal. A population addition lead to less land per household. The ensuing poorness weakened the local trade. Rome’s population declined by 25 % due to epidemic diseases.

This and hapless crop caused less production. weakened trade and therefore a reduced gross for the province.As both imperiums weakened migratory invasions from barbaric folks could non be stopped. The Chinese had dealt with the Xiongnu and other mobile folks by promoting matrimonies. offering gifts and constructing the Great Wall but as the imperium weakened these folks set up “barbarian states” in the North of China. Rome already suffered a reduced money flow into the imperium as no new states were conquered.

The western portion of the Roman Empire collapsed when the mobile Huns from Central Asia migrated south and west in hunt of better grazing land land. The enlisting of non-Romans into the Roman Army weakened its strength. Germanic folk who had already lived around the northern boundary lines of the Roman Empire were forced to fly from the Huns and began infesting the Roman boundary lines. By 425 C. E.

several Germanic Empires where set up within the imperium. By 476 C. E. . the last western Roman emperor was replaced by a Germanic swayer from the folk of the Visigoths.


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