The Fall of the House of Usher Movie vs Short Story Essay

Most readers of Edgar Allan Poe’s short narrative. “The Fall of the House of Usher” . will detect some obvious alterations in Roger Corman’s film. The Fall of the House of Usher. In the movie. Philip Winthrop traveled to the House of Usher. a inexorable sign of the zodiac surrounded by a tarn. for his bride-to-be Madeline Usher. Madeline’s brother Roderick opposed Philip’s purposes of acquiring married to Madeline and taking her dorsum to Boston with him. He told Phillip that the Usher household is afflicted by a curst lineage which made all their ascendants mad. felons. etc.

He did non desire the immoralities to distribute through Madeline and Phillips “future children” . Philip felt that he could non see Madeline and himself endure much more. so he eventually convinced Madeline into traveling with him. When everything is settled. she got into an statement with her brother and she all of a sudden “dies” . She was laid to rest in the household vault by Philip and Roderick. When Philip was acquiring ready to go forth. the pantryman said Madeline suffered from catalepsy ( a status which can do people appear dead ) . Philip hurried to open Madeline’s casket and found it empty.

He urgently searched for her in the immense sign of the zodiac which consisted of many concealed transitions. Meanwhile. Madeline. who was wholly huffy. made her manner to her brother. She tried to acquire retaliation by killing him but they both die as a fire breaks out. Philip escaped and saw the house sink into the tarn environing it. Poe used graphic imagination supported by really descriptive inside informations. He established the temper with specific word pick. “There was an chill. a sinking. a sickening of the heart—an unredeemed boringness of idea which no prod of the imaginativeness could torment into nothing of the sublime.

What was it—I paused to think—what was it that so unnerved me in the contemplation of the House of Usher? “ ( pg. 65 ) All three of the characters suffered from lunacy and somberness. obviously brought on by the forlorn scene. Poe’s description of the house and so comparing it to his description of its dwellers. Roderick and Madeline Usher. gave the readers a feeling of panic and somberness. Corman’s movie implied that the house itself was the monster. Viewing audiences saw this throughout the movie. by the objects falling cryptically. the houses’ changeless shaking. the eerie sounds etc.

The function of the storyteller was eliminated in the movie. so the viewing audiences had to do decisions and descriptions based on what the viewing audiences might hold seen. This is a ambitious undertaking because the viewing audiences were so caught up in the film that the viewing audiences might hold non noticed a few things which would hold otherwise been explained and described in the short narrative. In the short narrative Roderick asked for Phillip. through a missive. Roderick was ill and wanted comfort and company. Poe’s narrative was capturing and creepy but Corman changed the narrative and made Madeline and Phillip lovers.

The narrative and the movie both depicted the siblings’ unwellness the same manner. The movie besides implied that Roderick may hold viewed Philip as a romantic challenger. which suggested an incestuous relationship between Madeline and Roderick. They were non regarded as twins in the movie and were non at all similar. In the movie. Phillip was preoccupied with Madeline and fright. In the narrative. he spent most of his clip reading. picture. and listening to Roderick’s music. His whole intent of being there was to hearten Roderick up.

In the narrative. Madeline was hardly mentioned or known of until the terminal. In the movie. she was a critical character and indispensable to the secret plan of the film. The prefiguration in the movie was much more predictable than in the short narrative because it was easier for the viewing audiences to see and experience what was coming following. After sing the movie. readers still felt that the book painted a broader image because of Poe’s usage of descriptive item. Throughout the movie. there was a strong sense of expectancy and exhilaration which added to the suspense of the secret plan.


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