The Fate Of Drugs And Drug Development Essay

The most appropriate dose signifier for administrating drugs to paediatric patients is the low-dose liquid format.

computed through the patient’s kg organic structure weight. Pediatric patients are by and large little in organic structure size and therefore a really low dosage is sufficient in achieving the coveted clinical result. For grownups. the maximal dosage in tablet or capsule signifier can be administered.( 2 ) A drug in tablet or capsule form easy disintegrates in the tummy and the contents are farther dissolved as it passes through into the little bowels. where soaking up takes topographic point.

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( 3 ) Pharmacokinetics pertains to the action of drugs in footings of soaking up. every bit good as metamorphosis within the human organic structure ( Sharan et al. .

2009 ) . This field besides deals with the distribution of the drug and its eventual elimination.( 4 ) Pharmacokinetics involves a specific order of activities with respects to a drug because it describes the existent stairss that occur during drug consumption. Before the existent consequence of a drug takes topographic point. the active ingredient demands to be absorbed through the enteric liner and farther distributed to the mark countries of the organic structure. Metabolism so occurs which is the incorporation of the drug to the mark countries. Any extra or used drugs are so removed from the organic structure through the procedure of elimination.

( 5 ) The chemical nature of the drug determines the soaking up ability of a drug. Lipophilic drugs by and large enter the cells rapidly. due to its similarity in composing to the plasma membrane. High doses can besides increase the soaking up of a drug into cells.( 6 ) Pharmacodynamics pertains to the consequence of a drug in footings of its biochemistry and physiological action in the human organic structure.( 7 ) One chief action of a drug is to excite the human organic structure to execute a specific action ( Kang and Lee. 2009 ) . Another type of drugs is the sedative.

which slows down specific activities in the organic structure. There are besides cytotoxic drugs that kill specific cells in the organic structure. Other drugs are aimed to replace certain substances that are missing or at really low degrees in the organic structure.

( 8 ) The general relationship observed is that when a drug response is attained. the serum concentration of that same drug is found to be at its highest dosage. Drug fabrication is chiefly based on the readying of capsules or tablets that contain the minimal sum of the drug that can exercise a response in the human organic structure ( Najib. 2009 ) .( 9 ) An inauspicious consequence of a drug occurs when there are more than adequate sums that are go arounding in the organic structure of a patient.

The extra sum can do harm to the liver of an person ( Marin et al. . 2009 ) . Drug-drug interactions pertain to the consequence of one drug on another. if they are administered at the same clip. The presence of another drug may either interfere or heighten the consequence of another drug and therefore it is of import for a doctor to cognize all the drugs that a patient takes before ordering or administrating any new drugs.MentionsKang.

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