The film takes place in Alexandria

The film takes place in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1971- a time of segregation. T.C.
Williams High school has just become integrated and has received a new black head coach,
Herman Boone. He took the job of head coach from Coach Bill Yoast. There are some racial
tensions and Yoast decides to coach elsewhere. Boone offers him a job as assistant coach and he accepts after the white players threaten to sit out the season. During football camp, the boys become better acquainted and begin to bond and live in harmony. Two players who
really had it out for each other, Gary Bertier and Julius Campbell, learned to become the best of friend s and lead the team to many victories. Right before the championship game, Bertier got into a bad car accident which made him paralyzed from the waist done. These devastated everyone especially Julius. The Titans win the championship game and not only teach themselves that football has no race, but they teach the coaches and the whole town and integration has become more welcome to T.C. Williams High School. The movie ends with the death of Gary Bertier ten years later and everyone coming to once again


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