The first similar event held was The Giving Family Festival initiated by TOUCH Community

The first similar event held was The Giving Family Festival initiated by TOUCH Community. It was a 2-day charity carnival that took place from 1 September 2018 to 2 September 2018 held at Singapore Sports Hub. Festival highlights carnival rides such as pony carousel, game booths and a NERF Gun Battle. Live performances brought by Ngee Ann Polytechnic students and by TOUCH’s own people. Fun workshops such as sign languages and cookie decorations were carried out. A family games arena and munchies such as candy floss and waffles were given out. The carnival encouraged bonding with your loved ones and the spirit of giving back to society by carrying out the “Sponsor A Family” programme during the event.

Ideas we can take away from this event are the implementation of their carnival rides, live performances, workshops and munchies. Inspired by the above program, bouncy castles, carnival ride and performances by students of Temasek Polytechnic, Tampines Secondary School and other professionals can be brought in to the event . Workshops such as flower arrangement can also be carried out alongside free food such as ice cream, kachang puteh, popcorn and candy floss for the 2-day event.

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The second event is called Festive Street Bazaar. This event depicts the trend of enhancing and deepening the bond with the youths. It was held at various places such as Pagoda Street, Smith street and Sago street from 6 to 27 January 2017. More than 200 street vendors offered a wide range of Chinese New Year-themed treats such as mooncake and tea, traditional goodies, decorative items and costumes. 12 selected enterprising entrepreneurs, including youths, set up shops offering a variety of popular and unique festive eats. In collaboration with Young Hungry Free and Lepark, the event organised a flea market with over 100 local brands and independent designers participating. Also, in collaboration with students from SUTD, the event decorated the streets with around 5,500 handcrafted lanterns and a giant Rooster lantern measuring 13 meters in height, to mark the year of the rooster.

Inspired by the trend observed, we should also consider strengthening the bond between the locals and SMEs. In order to achieve that goal, we will handing out “Passbook” to customers to participate in activities as mentioned in 1.2.3. This way, locals will be able to better understand and aware of their SMEs. Food stalls will also be set up offering various Chinese New Year-themed snacks. Influenced by the handcrafted lanterns, our event will be heavily decorated with balloons of red, orange and white colours symbolising Chinese New Year.


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