The formal and informal education process needs to be implemented to encourage communities

The formal and informal education process needs to be implemented to encourage communities, including our young people, to use the right channels to express feelings or actions when disagreeing, not understanding or getting unfamiliar information. There are parents who think that the schools are responsible for the moral education their children are receiving without realize that the values are obtained from home and everything comes from family. Parents just took another unfair hit from people who don’t understand education and the role schools play in education (Genius in Children, 2013). Our Education Minister has taken steps to make the curriculum of all existing subjects reorganized. The element of pure values must be applied in each subject through the Kurikulum Baru Sekolah Menengah (KBSM). In order to implement high civic consciousness in society, then changes in the education system are mandatory.
According to Jalaluddin, Abdul Razaq ; Mohd Mahzan (2014), informal learning with lifelong learning. Non-formal education refers to all educational programs that apply outside the formal school system, usually for short and voluntary (Schugurensky, 2000). These include various programs that cover the activities of spiritual appreciation and community moral education, strengthening neighborhood spirit through various efforts to find community members in councils, strengthening family institutions through lectures and consultations, activities that foster the practice of respecting laws and regulations, collaborative programs and cooperation with government agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations. Education from home to school should emphasize pure values as the foundation of self-identity. For example, younger children need to respect their older brother or elder brother. Children are also taught to respect the property of their siblings and their belonging (The National Collaborating Center for Mental Health, 2013). The most basic thing in creating positive personalities in young generation is to strengthen the family institution as the core of a healthy and stable society as it can resist the social and moral (Breiner, Ford ; L. Gadsden, 2016).
The success of any courtesy campaign must start from school where courtesies and noble values must be taught religious teachings and moral values should be instilled from childhood. The effectiveness of our on-going campaign to promote courtesy among the people and make it a way of life. The time has come for all strata of Malaysian society to ask whether they have done enough to ensure the success of the national campaign to promote courtesy and noble values among Malaysians (Star Online, Jan 2017).


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