The Fun Theory Essay

Good afternoon, everyone.I hope all of you will concentrate on my presentation. But if you cannot find it fun and interesting anywhere, no matter how hard I try to appeal, everything I tell you will just go in one ear and out the other. Then, my presentation must be really fun to you according to ‘the fun theory.’ Have you heard about ‘the fun theory’?Now I will start off by showing you an interesting movie clip to give a hint about my topic to you.( PLAY THE CLIP – ‘Piano Stairs’)This is one of the most famous video clips about ‘the fun theory’, concerning the test in a Stockholm subway station where a staircase was converted into working piano keys. As we saw in this clip, making piano stairs was the only change which convinced commuters to take the stairs over the escalator in this experiment.”The Fun Theory” is based on the idea that making the world more fun can improve people’s behavior.

Several experiments by Volkswagen, launching their brand-new eco-friendly series, proved the fun theory. One of them is what you saw just now. This campaign is an initiative to get people to change their careless behaviors by allowing them to see the fun side of acting responsibly.Then, what makes ‘the fun theory’ work well? The effectiveness of ‘the fun theory’ can be divided largely into two things.Above all, the fun theory just tries to make something fun to do. Fun is the strongest motivation factor in human.

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If you find something very interesting, you feel strongly to do it. ‘The fun theory’ focused on this point.Whether it is fun or not will be one of the most important things to consider when you decide to do something.Other interesting examples of the fun theory are Bottle Bank Arcade Machine and Speed limit lottery. Bottle bank arcade machine is a newly devised recycling bin which behaves like a game with music and lights that tell you which slot the bottle should go in. Speed limit lottery is the idea that people who keep to the speed limit will have their photos taken, entered into lottery automatically and receive cash prizes which came from the fines paid by the violators of speed regulations.

Both of these ideas also inspire people to spontaneously behave as they should.Of course we all know we should do for public order or environment, but it is certainly difficult for us to be aware of our own bad behaviors and change them into right behaviors. Therefore, something fun as a good motivation encourages people to change their behaviors properly. At first, they might decide to take the stairs just for the fun of it, but they will finally understand the real purpose of making piano stairs – for energy conservation.Another point is that the fun theory leads people to make the right spontaneous decision.

The fun theory makes people have fun and just says “It’s up to you whether you do like this or not.” In the clip, even though all the people in the experiment never saw or heard any word of suggestion to do it, they choose to walk on the stairs instead of the escalator of their own free will. This result comes from a self-motivation which means the ability to motivate oneself, to find a reason and necessary strength to do something, without the need of being influenced to do so by another person.On the contrary of this, we tend to be very reluctant when we are compelled to do something that we should do.

According to the fun theory, it does not work to force people to change their negative behavior patterns.I will give you one example about this. If you commute by subway, of course you have seen this sign saying “STAND IN TWO LINES IN THE ESCALATOR.

” Then, are you obeying this rule well? I believe maybe not.It is obvious that leading them to practice is much more effective than saying continuously “Energy conservation is really really important, so we should take the stairs instead of the escalator.”In short, at the center of the fun theory is the notion that the easiest and the most effective way to make people practice is to make them have fun. “The fun theory” is a wise and brilliant method that not only makes the world more fun but also helps more people to contribute to protecting the environment or doing something beneficial to the society on their own initiative. If it is not fun, why do it? If you want someone to change his or her own behavior, you should remember this concept.It is the work of the fun theory awards winner.

He just came up with this idea and visualize this idea virtually in the video clip. You can see this clip at “”I just want to introduce the main concept of the fun theory and its expected effects. To apply these ideas to actual application, there are many things to consider and supplement such as the consistent management and the development of new design.This site will display their whole range of environment technologies and cars-many, many fun ways to do something for the environment


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