The Giver Essay

The Giver Imagine living in a world full of lies, a world where there are many secrets, a world where what you see is not always what it is. Jonas has lived all his life in a world like this. Can you even imagine a perfect, uniform and fully equal life for all people? It would be a boring life, right? At the end of the book, Jonas gets tired of all the lies of the community in which he lives and decides to escape. Many people like his father, his foster brother, Gabe, and The Giver contributed to the decision of Jonas to escape from the community.The person who most influenced Jonas’ decision to escape was his father. He was totally at odds with his father when he “released” the new twin baby. This event caused he hated his father.

Once Jonas saw the video of the “Release Ceremony” he said to The Giver that he didn’t want to go home or wanted to see his father again. What really pushed Jonas to escape was when his father decided to “release” Gabe. So after living his life obeying the rules of the community, for once, Jonas broke the rules, lied to everyone, and ran away from the community.Jonas cared deeply about Gabe, because he loved him as a younger brother.

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In the community is not allowed to have more than two children. But Gabe, despite it was not his brother, Jonas’ father had to take care of him. Before the decision to release Gabe, Jonas had already planned escape alone, but at the end of the story, he decided to take the baby during the troubled journey to Elsewhere. Imagine a baby, a baby as Gabe, with growth problems, and a child of only 12 years, facing such a dangerous journey, full of uncertainty. Can they really arrive alive to Elsewhere?The Giver transmitting the memories of the entire community to Jonas, who was The Reciever, his apprentice. Once Jonas began receiving more memories, he realized how unfair it was for the community not to feel her own feelings, and for him even having to feel all the suffering of others. There was a Reciever of Memory called Rosemary before Jonas, but she failed in her training. This girl’s life ends tragically and painfully and that affects everyone in the community, especially The Giver.

Jonas wants to change the situation in which people live in the community.He wants everyone to see colors, feel different emotions and know who are their parents, because that was forbidden in the community. It’s an enormous privilege not be forced to live in a world like Jonas’. In our world, we are free to do many things that are totally prohibited in the community that the book presents.

In this book, Lois Lowry hides many secrets that ultimately make you greatly impressed. As the title, this book is The Giver, and you are The Reciever acquiring everything that relates and internalized it, making it part of you. You can feel what Jonas and what feels The Giver too. It’s really awesome.


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